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@Meliss_Platt Birthday Dinner @TheNiceGuy

I had never been and we were celebrating the birthday of a colleague!

The night was wonderful and the food was delectable…

Alexander Wang Tia Pumps – Rose Gold

Yves Salomon Raccoon Fur Coat (similar)

Continuation @DinerenBlancLA #DTLA

So I finally edited my Diner en Blanc video and though my camera crapped out on me right when the event started, we still had enough coverage. Thanks to my iPhone!

Hope you enjoy!

The amazing Pineapple Tumblers:

My date for the night:

Quay Sunglass:
BCBG Stilettos:
Tutu: White Tank:
Theory Fur Coat (black version):
White Fur Clutch (similar):

@LadyDelilah_LA, I Love You. cc: @hwoodgroup

Ladies’ HH at Delilah WeHo. Love this place. Bathroom review coming soon!

They have a live 3-person show, although the singer can be a bit better… the music style is freaking amazing. I love standards so this establishment is just up my alley. Ambiance is great, food was delicious… however, it’s a bitch trying to get reservations and you can’t even get it to sit at the bar without one.

I need to make friends with the boys from H. Wood Group.

Help, anyone?

@WaterGrill @SouthCoastPlaza

I came here for HH one day after a meeting and decided I needed to go back STAT.

Met my friend one early Friday evening at the bar. We ate a lot and probably finished off 3 bottles of the Cloudy Bay 2015 SB.

I’ll be there again for a birthday next week and finally sitting in the dining area.

I look forward to my next trip.

As some of you may know, I am obsessed with public washrooms. This spot had a very clean and private one… I liked it a lot.😉

Video to come soon! Make sure you subscribe to my channel!

Manolo Blahnik Rainbow Pumps (ON SALE!!!)

#DinerEnBlanc Prep #AvgvstaJewelry

I don’t have many occasions to dress up so when Diner en Blanc comes around I love to be a part of it. I brought out the same tutu from last year, but had different shoes, top and jacket. I got some new items in the past year that went better with the look so I of course had to upgrade!

I got compliments from EVERYONE of course on my coat. They were too distracted from my coat that they didn’t compliment my shoes, but I know everyone was admiring my style.😛

VLOG to follow soon, make sure you subscribe to my channel!

Theory Fur Dove (similar – VEST)
Avgvsta Jewelry by Julia Vaughn
BCBG Crystal Sandal (ON SALE!!!)
Oversized Teddy Bear (similar)

Werk @CatalinalinaSu

We finally got around to shoot Catalina’s salad video!! Make sure you subscribe to her channel.

I use my Canon G7X for all my videos…

Canon PowerShot G7 X Digital Camera – Wi-Fi Enabled
Camera Stabilizer (similar, but better)


I buy them in packs. I love handkerchiefs and believe that every person should carry one.

Especially ladies, a hankie always comes in handy and though you may not like the baby print, this is 100% cotton and reusable so it’s the best. Once it gets dirty, I wash it and have plenty on hand.

When I’ve needed it:

I was at the bar and usually if I grab my own drink I always leave the bar with squeezing my limes and leaving it on a napkin before walking back to the group. When someone (my husband) grabs me a drink, it’s always napkin-less (he still hasn’t learned) so my limes are on the rim of my glass. I then squeeze my limes and leave them on a surface (cause I do NOT want them touching my liquid) and wipe my hands with my hankie.

Another time, I had someone bump into me and spill their drink. The napkins did not cover, so I used my hankie.

In cold areas, my nose runs.

It comes in more handy than you think, you don’t know until you have one how often you reach for it.

If you are interested, I may start selling it on my blog… what do you think?