Double Standard

People are stupid.

Personally, I don’t care what people have to say about my appearance because I know when I look good and when I look like shit. I’m the first person to make fun of myself when I fall in the latter category.

But what bothers me the most is that women are depicted WAY more than men.

Not just me, but women in general are criticized more than anyone. Even more than transvestites!

(Not talking shit, just pointing out as an example) No one mentions that Danny Cho is overweight or how ridiculous the hair on Prohgress and J-Splif looks?

But since this is my blog, I’ll talk about myself.

I read a comment on youtube on the 2nd episode.

I don’t remember verbatim, but it went along the lines of “if you want to see what happens to a girl who drinks and smoke, look at Violet”

LOL! Thanks for pointing it out! But honestly, guess what else ages people? TIME! I think I look pretty good for the age I am and all the bullshit I went through in life. Has the drinking and smoking been an integral part of my aging? I don’t think that can be an answer that can be proven. But As much as everyone thinks I party every night and smoke like a chimney, that’s their opinion.

I don’t agree or disagree, because I don’t have to.

Hey, as long as I’m still getting hit on and guys want to date me, I’m happy.

I’d rather be in my position than to be a twenty something gogo dancer/import model with fake tits, cake face and bikini wearing “model” at car shows who do “favors” for men in the industry to get a cover.

With that said, yes, I know my body isn’t banging but the things I lack don’t make me who I am as a person. All the aesthetic traits are forgivable, character & integrity isn’t.

I don’t care about the negative comments. I have been prepared for this since age 14. Every single girl who hated me growing up has taught me the strength to take it as a grain of salt. In one ear and out the other.

So, thank you for keeping your eye on me and paying such close attention to every little detail of me and my life.

I wish I had that much dedication to something. Then maybe, just maybe my book would be done!

Oh and also, it’s not scripted you fools and how would I be able to throw liquid at a girl multiple times and have her not look the same.

Wet hair is a disaster.

Back to my point.

People are retarded.

Stop using your brain when it’s not required, just sit back and enjoy and then use your brain when you go back to work-mode.

We All Have A Way

Today I woke up to a funny text.

It made me come to the conclusion that no matter what I do to succeed, it will happen in its due time.

There are people who do anything and everything to get ahead and fuck everyone over. They try so hard at everything by over doing it all.

It’s sad AND funny to see a person who is such a try hard and get to the same place I am now while I lived au natural and they have lived maliciously.

Just because you lie your way to the top doesn’t mean you’ll get there faster. You’re bound to get caught and exposed of your front.

I’m not a bitter person so I wish them well, but I am laughing inside.

Moral Ethics

Last semester I took two Philosophy classes.

1. Intro to Ethics

2. Intro to Logic

I ended up getting dropped from my Logics class due to my irresponsibility and quite honestly, the class was a bit difficult.

The Ethics class, however was right up my alley.

There seems to be a universal question that is asked by all professors during an ethics class. The way you answer the question can determine the level of how ethical you are.

You work with a friend and realize that your friend is stealing from the company, what do you do?

A. Talk to your friend

B. Snitch on your friend to the supervisor

C. Turn the blind eye

During the discussion in class, I thought to myself and decided that I would take the approach of talking to my friend first.

Apparently that isn’t what I should do. The morally ethical thing to do is to go to the supervisor and inform them.

The reason I bring this is up is because it is the reason I quit Vibe last weekend.

There were other factors in making my decision to NOT work at Vibe, but the main reason was because of my tolerance to working with unethical beings.

It all started when I got asked to come back to bartend back in December. I came as a favor to my old co-workers since they needed another bartender.

The first night I worked, she was a bitch and super angry because the club hired me.  We ended up being short in the cash register at the end of the night.

I know for a fact I didn’t miscount money. 1. I didn’t drink. 2. I’ve been working at the same bar for 2 years prior to that. 3. I’m not stupid.

I was stumped and irritated at the end of the night. A new co-worker and a new manager and the first night I work, we’re short.

I didn’t think anything of it. Thought it was an honest mistake, on her part of course.

In the next few months there were several instances where we were short in the register. Sometimes it was a small amount, one time is was $80 something dollars!

I was starting to get annoyed.

Not only did we have issues during close out, but the bitch that I worked with was fucking slow.

When I was managing the bar, we were out of there no later than 2:15am, on a slammed night. With her counting the money at the end of the night, we were getting out at 2:30am on a slow night.

And when I was working, even though I was the manager, I cleaned up with the other girls and then counted the cash and tips in front of them so they would see exactly what we made. This bitch just counted the money while I cleaned everything, for MONTHS!

I didn’t mind at first because I knew she thought she had seniority (which she didn’t) but since I’m a nice person, I figured I’d let her think she did.

And after all that has happened after the new management arrived, I know now why she took her sweet ass time counting the money. So she could clock in the minutes and get paid more. What a shady bitch.

When we got a 3rd bartender, my job was on the line because I was only working 1 night a weekend. I offered to come in twice since I wasn’t ready to leave. After weeks of working among the 3 of us, and the new girl only getting partial tips, the manager told us to split the tips equally. The bitch got super pissed and made a fuss. That night we ended up making around $250 each. At the end of the night the bitch pulled me aside and said, “We could’ve made over $300 each!” I agreed and we all went home.

The next weekend she pulled me aside at the beginning of the shift. This time she suggested that we give her less in the cash tips. I asked, “really?” cause I was a bit puzzled but intrigued at her audacity. Regretfully, I didn’t inform the supervisor at that moment and even more remorsefully I didn’t stop her.

This went on for a weekend. Luckily, we had an issue come up at work and the bitch and I weren’t on speaking terms.

I felt guilty but now I couldn’t say anything because I participated in this scheme. I don’t know if she shorted her after the incident and even short me since no one paid attention to her counting the money.

At that moment, I realized I didn’t want to work at Vibe anymore. At the end of every night, the new girl would clean, I would help the back manager do credit cards for the waiters and the bitch would count the money. I knew she was giving us less. She would also go out to the club and sell shots and probably pocket the cash as well. During this time is when I realized that she probably stole the money from the register to make it seem like I was incompetent of counting cash when I first started.

During the first few months, she would constantly complain about how the club didn’t need 2 bartenders and how she would be making so much more if I wasn’t there and would go on and on about how she felt under appreciated.

Everything made sense. She was the cause of the missing cash in the register. How could she not be? How could I not come to that conclusion after everything?

We worked the following 2 weekends and I didn’t speak to her once. I was disgusted and annoyed and hated my job.

Thank god I was leaving town for 2 weekends.

During my time away, I thought about the position I was in and felt uncomfortable to be working with someone so conniving.

I knew that if I worked there any longer I would stress myself out and would hate coming into work.

The first night I came back, after my vacation, I told the managers that it would be my last weekend.

The Friday night was dreadful. During the night when she went off to sell shots around the club, and I know she would be pocketing some of the money. At the end of the night when she counted the cash, she probably did same.

I just took what she gave me and went home.

The next night was suppose to be my last day at Vibe. Due to filming, I didn’t make it.

I’m so glad I don’t have to see the bitch again.

And to the new girl, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I wasn’t vocal about the shady business going on.


So I guess I’m not as morally ethical as I should be, but I came to my senses and took myself out of the situation.


The moral of the story, don’t assume the best of anyone because most people are only watching out for themselves.

I didn’t realize I was being burned until I saw her do it to someone else.


Don’t take it too seriously people. It’s just entertainment.

We’re not here to represent the Asian community. We are 1% of everyone and if you are NOT narrow minded, you will understand that we are only representing ourselves.

So don’t get your panties in a bunch and relax. Take a valium or have a drink, sit back and enjoy the show!

Episode 1 releases July 2nd!

Trust me there are worst Asian American Reality shows out there. Go dig.

Bitch Strikes Again

So Wednesday I got a text in the evening from the co-worker with the split personality.

She asked if I could cover for her on Thursday. She wanted me to come into LA and work for 2 hours and go home. Initially when she asked me, I didn’t mind. Even though I had plans in OC all day, I didn’t mind moving things around to come in.

I told her I may be there by 8 since I was coming from Irvine and she said she would let the manager know.

I then get a text from the manager asking me to come in Thursday. I asked if it was for the Grey Goose meeting or for work. He said both.

I assumed the manager and the bitch sorted it out.

I came into work by 7:30, the original time, and had the meeting with the new bartender and the manager. After the meeting, the new girl and I walked over to McDonalds and when we came back, the bitch was behind the bar.

I was confused. So I went over to the manager’s office and asked if he wanted me to leave. He specifically told me to tell the bitch that she is not getting paid to stay and that he told her to take the night off and for me to tell her to go home.

I told her nicely. She got angry and started bitching back at me. I just explained to her what he said and she stormed off to talk to him.

When she came back her eyes were filled with tears and completely ignored me when I asked her what happened.

I was talking to the bar manager and she walks up to us and disregards my question and says, “S, can I speak with you privately”?


BASICALLY, she was pissed cause she was getting her hours cut for the night. And when she left, after talking to the bar manager, he tells me that she was pissed because she wouldn’t have driven all the way out if the main manager told her specifically not to come in.

um…. why would the manager tell me to work and not tell you directly. I already think she’s a conniving witch, so I don’t believe anything that comes out of her mouth.

And hello????????? You’re upset that you had to drive all the way out on a night you refused to take off when the manager said?

And this bitch has no regards to the fact that she was making me drive ALL the way out for 2 hours cause she couldn’t make it?

Now I was annoyed. She’s so fucking selfish, and I’ve known this from the last incident, but fuck, we made up and she fucking acts like this again!

I’ve had enough with this devil.

She’ needs to fucking get her thinking straight.

What an unappreciative hick!

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