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#MUSTHAVE @MZWallace X @Equinox

I purchased the limited edition Equinox collaboration tote from MZ Wallace, but I had the black previously which I sold. I love their bags and love this colorway. I’m not sure if you can get the Equinox ones anywhere else but at Equinox but they have so many options and are constantly coming out with more. I want one of each metro style and color, it’s crazy! I really want the backpack too!

MZ Wallace Metro Tote

MZ Wallace Metro Backpack

@KateSpadeNY X @BeyondYoga Fitness Wear

The cutest articles of clothing. I love Beyond Yoga and more than I probably like Lululemon because it’s more wearable, softer and comfortable.

I don’t normally wear pink but this jacket was just too cute not to wear. The bow is what sold me.:)

Beyond Yoga Kate Spade Neck Bow Jacket 


@BurroGoods #Venice

Found the cutest little store in Venice. I know, what the hell was I doing there? Went with a friend to a makeup event at #hourglass and was walking to Gjelina and came across this store with a great book title. Discovered that they had the best off the wall cards. Picked one up for my 1st husband and my 2nd husband’s father. I didn’t think to pick one up for my 2nd husband, which now I feel guilty about, but hey, life goes on. I will just have to give him a kiss.

If you’re ever in the area, (I believe they have other locations) you must stop by. This is the kind of store I’d own if I was filthy rich and didn’t have to worry about substantial income flowing in.
1405 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90291

#MustHave @jonathanadler

Same but different. Guess it depends on who you live with and where you live. I got this for my gf whom always hosts me in NY. Well, and for her bf too. I saw it and loved it. Would totally have it in my home, but I’ve got a 11 year old coming in and out and the last thing I need is him asking me what ganja is.:)

Jonathan Adler Canister – Black/White

@xrdsgunshows #OrangeCounty

I’m the kind of girl that can find something to buy anywhere. I never leave a place empty handed!

A friend informed us about the show and we had to join. Although there weren’t as many cool toys as I wanted to see. I ended up walking away with a shirt and a really awesome knife. Def. not legal, but it’ll keep me safe when a creep tries to attack me.😛


No More Ziploc!

My ghetto ass has been using a ziploc bag to carry all the junk that I don’t really need but may need in my purse. When that moment came to pull it out in public and I was embarrassed, I decided the ziploc was not the way to go. I purchased this clear bag for my purse for all the crap. It really helps me locate things and keep it all together in one place. As oppose to having it all over my purse and when I brake really hard, everything goes flying.😛 Now I kind of want a bigger version for my gym bag, since I use a gallon sized ziploc for my shower scrub, toothbrush and toothpaste.

Clear Waterproof Travel Bag


New Shades

I don’t know why they had a 3 year old style in Celine Sunglasses (2nd photo).

Celine 41026/S Sunglasses-58mm

I liked both, opted to get the cheaper one since I get sick of things quickly. (1st photo)

I found the Celine online for much cheaper than Nordsrom. They are ripping people off with an old style for $419! Crazy fuckers.

Self Portrait Self Portrait X Le Specs Edition One Sunglasses – Matte Blush Crystal Grey/Pink


@FlierFursInc #Furrier

I finally picked up my coat and it looks and feels like a brand new coat!

I don’t know why I thought it would be way more than what I spent and if I really think about the work they did…well, it’s so worth it.

 I bought my fur second hand (since I cannot afford it off the floor), and I felt that the previous owner did not take very good care of it.

It’s almost as good as new!

My review on Yelp:

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