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Tailgate @USC

I got to visit my husband’s office for the very first time… during my 2nd tailgate of my life.

I didn’t enjoy the tailgate as much as I should have… reasons to be kept unknown.

Next time, I’ll need a flask filled with vodka. AND early arrival.

White is Right 

It’s past #LDW but IDC… I love wearing white, no matter how fat I feel.

Alexander Wang Tia Mirror Heels
J Brand – Mid Rise Skinny in Blanc 

Button Up Shirt

iPhone Chill Pill Case

2x-SWAROVSKI Crystal license plate frames Black Diamond Crystal

Summer Camo #OOTD

I usually wear my camo skirt with a black top, however, I decided to lighten it up a bit. I wore a white tee and tied the front. Took me back to elementary school when I used to tie my shirts.😛

Does anyone remember those plastic things where it looked like the DON’T sign and you loop your shirt in the corner through it?

Camo Skirt (similar)
White Tee (similar)
Gucci Sandals (similar)