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Keeps going

I can’t believe I was able to throw down 50 pills a day on this cleanse! This really made my poopie sessions interesting. I know I know, this is TMI, but I just want to share my experience.

So this was an intestinal cleanse. From the 33 years of me consuming food, all the bits and pieces of toxins that were stuck along the walls of my intestine have been almost flushed out. My poop was not the normal brown, it was an army greenish color and it was really loose. Came out in one large log but all fell apart once it touched the toilet bowl and even more when I flushed. Always required two flushes. I was bloated the first few days from all the water I was consuming but now I feel great. I worked out, ate healthy and tried to stay on track. I definitely recommend this to EVERYONE!

I took Formula #1 as well, that’s what really helped me poop it out. I suggest starting with #1 and then going to #2.

As for me I did #2 because I followed the same as my friend.

Dr. Schulze’s Intestinal Formula #1 Colon Bowel Cleanse Laxative Capsules
Dr. Schulze’s Intestinal Formula #2 Powerful Intestinal Cleanse and Soothing Formula

1st Round #Detox

Can you believe it? I have to take 10 pills five times a day. I have set my alarm for 7:30am, 10:30am, 1:30pm, 4:30pm and 7:30pm. I have to drink 16oz of water with it each time. By the time it was 10am, I had gone to go pee six times already. Goddamn it. I hate peeing! It looks like I’ll get a lot of steps in too then! Win Win? Possibly. Can’t wait for traffic!😛

Dr. Schulze’s Intestinal Formula #2 Powerful Intestinal Cleanse and Soothing Formula 

@Equinox #Doingjim

I needed a nap when I woke up and Bear had to drag me to do Jim but I’m so glad I went. I warmed up for five minutes and joined him to do weights… I’ve been overeating lately since I had planned to start a detox on Monday. Need to get back into #doingjim in the ams before work.

Detox Day 1 – Intestinal Cleanse #weighin

I did a weigh in this am. I for sure expected to be heavier. With all the crap I’ve been eating the past few days with not regrets…I didn’t skip a meal, nor did I think twice about my decisions. AND IT FELT FUCKING GREAT! I went to do Jim this am and I did not have as much endurance but I did wake up and got there at 5am.

Dr. Schulze’s Intestinal Formula #2 Powerful Intestinal Cleanse and Soothing Formula 8 Once Bulk Powder

Weigh In AM #day3detox

Ok so I cheated a little yesterday. Had a little bit of dressing for salad, a little bit of salami, cheese, bread and bite of Bear’s spaghetti. 

But overall I was good. Today I will not cheat! 

My weigh in before poop. I didn’t go yesterday, which I was bummed about. 

I don’t know what my starting weigh was so I can’t really say how I’m doing. 


I’ve really started! #budgeting 

Disclaimer: In no way am I trying to teach how to budget. I’m just sharing my experiences. 

With that said, it’s been two months and I am not doing well. 

Well, way better than before and still above water but I could be doing better. 

The hardest part is, I can’t really go places. I have a little less than $800 to spend in a month with everything covered. Including $ towards savings. I can’t even enjoy Troy because his tank is $60+ to fill up. (My mom insists that I drive the car when she doesn’t since I’m just paying it and no one is enjoying it.) Which I sure did and still do. I ended up buying a $750 camera on a whim after the shoot a week ago and I love it and I wish I wish I wish it gives me the push to make more videos! 

It’s the habit of spending I can’t break. Everything is automatic in my accounts and still I check it daily. Sometimes more than twice a day. Either I need to be more busy or I have an addiction. 

I was suppose to stay in for the month of March but things came up and I had some extra money. This is the month. April, I’m not doing anything. Questions will receive a no, assuming it’s to hang out. Started today. I also started my raw detox. And no, I won’t go to May 4th, I’m four days in but idc.

Also had an idea to update #BOB. 

My blog was scattered. I could do this and #pigletventures but others will have to be a hashtag. 

You all rmemeber #BOB (bitch on budget).

I couldn’t get myself to constantly post because the bitch bothered me. 

I can’t say what the idea is because I need to not spend money on the domain. So I shall wait. 

I am not to spend any money this month. Detox, no social anything, home!