Weigh In AM

I woke up 110 and I was mortified but I knew I had been a bit swollen from the weekend.

Yesterday was Monday so I ate a breakfast taco in the am with my Mrs. Renfro’s Ghost Pepper Salsa. For lunch I had my pita, veggies and chicken with my B&G Peppers Hot Chopped Sandwich Toppers. I had a Korean sweet potato as a snack and for dinner I made myself a chicken taco with flour tortilla and cheese. I also had Davids Tea.

#WeighIn AM

Omggggg I made it to 106!

I had a korean sweet potato for breakfast and only rotisserie chicken with pita and my sandwich topper.

I had an iced coffee from Starbucks with a pump of white mocha and a splash of soy milk. I had a few bites of chicken before going out.

I only had two vodka waters at the club so that was that.

I kind of knew I’d be 106 because I ate so little trying to look good in an outfit I ended up covering up argh!!!!

#WeighIn AM

Yesterday I had stopped by Smorgasborg in DTLA so had a large XLB (soup dumpling) shared with Bear, shrimp daddy garlic shrimp plate with rice and mac salad. For dinner we had leftover Mastro’s from Friday night. Leftover steak, salad and baked potato.

We were supposed to go to the gym in the afternoon but we did not make it.

Weigh In AM

So yesterday, I had half a sandwich from Tous Les Jours (Korean bakery) for breakfast. It was egg, bacon, lettuce and tomato on white bread. Bear and I had lunch in Buena Park after we dropped off the car for service. We had bossam with soy bean paste soup with rice and sides. I had a taro milk tea from 7 Leaves and a five pieces of hot Cheetos. When I got home, I had a 4-piece nutter butter cookie pack, a bite of snickers and soba noodles with dipping sauce for dinner.

I went to my cycling in the am… so I assume I would’ve been more!

I’m 109 today, which isn’t bad but a jump from 107.

Weigh In AM

I ate a sweet potato for breakfast, my chicken pita with veggies and Mastro’s for dinner. At Mastro’s Bear and I shared a bone-in ribeye, twice baked potato with extra sour cream and chives, dirty ketel one martini with blue cheese olives, espresso martini, beefsteak tomato and onion salad, butter cake with whipped cream.

No gym again. Surprised I was 107 again!