@OnTheRiseLondon #MustHave

I saw this jacket on Ladies of London. Although her’s (forgot the American lady’s name that had it on) had the patch on the back as well, I’m still overjoyed about my new varsity jacket! 

They have red, blue and gray… in UK sizes. I ordered the small which I believe was 8-10, however my Asian arms are a bit short for it. Still, I’m over the moon about the quality, customer service and expedited service!

This jacket was about $80 + shipping from across the world and I can’t wait to wear it out in public. 

It’s perfect for my closet because I LOVE gray and I love personalized, one of a kind pieces!

Make sure you order yours right MEOW!

Let them know Violet sent you!


WHO DOES THAT? #RIP @GZanottiDesign

This is what happened…

I thought I had brought it home from work but it was nowhere to be found. I left it at the office during the time I went FT on a project outside the office. I found out the intern threw them away.

Remember the ones with the white calf hair and the swarovski crystallized toe??? I only wore them a few times and she took over my desk while I was on a project. I met her and apologized for the crap I had in my drawers (personal stuff like tampons, lotion, knick knacks) and told her that she could throw it away if necessary. She fucking threw away my flats! They also happened to be in a dust cover from Giuseppe Zanotti which is a silver satin type of bag, so it does not look like cheap shit.

How does one person not ask or double check with the owner before throwing away shoes?

It’s like if someone told a carwash person that everything on the floor was trash but there happens to be a pair of shoes… I bet those people that barely speak English and here illegally would probably not throw it away!

I’m still in shock.


#NotRight #WhoDoesThat?

This may not exactly be sexual harassment but it’s not condoned by any women.

Unless you’re a fucking monkey or a stray dog that loves attention.

All the stupid people leaving comments talking crap about the girl have no right to say anything. They can’t determine how she felt when every man she walked by said something to make her feel uncomfortable.

It’s a double edge sword. If she doesn’t say anything, she’s being a bitch, if she does respond, they think it’s okay to behave that way. The reason why those men speak to her is to get a reaction. Maybe they’re the monkeys that need attention.

There are many times in Los Angeles where I’ve encountered men having a one-sided conversation with me as I walk by or even when I’m in my car. I see dirty POSs staring into my car from a truck and when I inch forward, they do the same. It may not be the words that come out of their mouths that make it sexual harassment but rather their intentions.

What makes them speak out and make women feel uncomfortable? FUCK YOU, you mom manner having, animalistic cultured fuck!

Being honest is a crime.

Who can I really talk to about feeling shitty?

I don’t even know if I want to hear the feedback. I may or may not, I won’t know until I hear it.

I don’t want to, to friends, because either I don’t want to burden them of listening to me bitch or I just don’t trust them.

I don’t want to, to Bear Baby, because he’ll want to fix it. But there isn’t anything for him to fix. I mean, I wish there was, really. I don’t like feeling like I’m unsatisfied. Especially because he’s not the problem.

Im happy 1/2 the days out of the week and the other half, I’m beary moody. Beary moody to Bear. 😛 He may say otherwise in the how many days but something like that.

I could go every other day, consecutive days, every six hours, nobody knows.

I’m most certain it’s because of my professional goals. I want to get to a certain place and I don’t know if I’m making progress because I have no patience. Less patience than a pedophile.

So, we just dropped Tyler off for him to be at his dad’s and driving back in traffic from OC to LA.

I’m changing my tag line to “Being honest is a crime”. Now my social media handle has a meaning.

I was using it because I liked it. Unfortunately that was not my clever idea. Someone else came up with it as an idea in passing and I decided to use it years after it was ever mentioned. I don’t believe that the person keeps tabs but I do believe that they think they should be credited, so thank you BB.

Moving on, VIOLETCRIMES. I commit crimes because I’m too honest. People hate that I’m too honest. Actually, and right. It’s too much for them to handle.

I may be getting a little ahead of myself but I think I’m funny too.


I’m gonna stop now. Feeling better already and not feeling shitty.

This Happened


I was just telling my coworker that I couldn’t believe my phone last this long. In a month I’ll be able to get a new phone and it will all be great.

I dropped my phone while putting everything down on the stairmaster.

My iPad, water bottle, towels and my phone slipped out of my hand and fell on the step.

Then this happened. Now I’m phone-less. I can’t believe a month out and I get myself in this mess.

Just my luck. When I was leaving the gym I’m texted Bear Baby from my iPad.
When I got home he asked what I was going to do. I said I’ll wait to get a phone. He said I couldn’t.

Honestly, not having a phone will be so refreshing. I really only need it for blogging and taking photos.

So friends, if you’re trying to reach me or not, know that my phone is dunzo.