@JPLKatzenberger #Farewell

Our office admins did such a great job decorating the office with balloonsΒ and such on her last day. She leaves for maternity leave for 3 months… πŸ™

We also celebrated her birthday with the BWD crew (Babes Who Dine)…

We got her a gift card for a mani and pedi and Large Hoop Earrings that she’s been wanting.

My outfit:

Jeweled Manolos
UNIQLO Women’s Ultra Stretch Jeans, Gray, 27 in.Gray Denim

Work Stuff

Haven’t been to a work event in a while. I forget how much work it actually is to be at an event rather than sitting at the desk on my computer.

It was a great turnout. I was assisting with the social media posts for the week and although it was very enjoyable, I realized I enjoy being the creative mastermind behind it. The white-collar stuff and not the blue-collar… πŸ˜›

Totally exaggerating, I appreciated the opportunity however, I wish I would’ve worn flats.

Work Outing

We had a team building event at the bowling alley. Although it was all the way in Studio City, I maintained my professionalism and stuck with two drinks. I knew I had to drive home so I didn’t opt to drink heavily. AND most of the time I drink excessively, I have too much fun. Too much fun = dangerous driving home. Oh and IDK how I feel about getting wasted around my colleagues, not my idea of letting loose. LOL Don’t want to be THAT girl.

Pinz on Ventura Blvd., bowled horribly, but still fun. πŸ™‚




#HolidayLunch @TheChurchillLA

We had a white elephant gift exchange within the office people over lunch at Churchill at the Orlando Hotel on 3rd Street.

It was fun and nice to get out of the office to celebrate the holidays.

I got number 7 and stole a bluetooth wireless speaker that came in the Peanuts box. I really only wanted to packaging since I have a Beats Pill. πŸ˜›

I kept the box when my speaker got stolen and ended up with a beer mug. πŸ™

#HolidayParty #OOTN

My first annual holiday party with my company and the company’s fifth! πŸ™‚

I love my company so much and I am so blessed to be working for a company that is set to conquer the world one plot at a time! I’ve always been a dedicated employee wherever I was but I never felt more in place than I do here.

To another successful and adventurous year!! Cheers!

New Job, New Clothes!!

Came to the H&M at 7th & Fig because I didn’t want to spend so much. I just needed a few outfits to help me get my week started.

I know she said business professional but that’s not the impression I got when I visited. I think she only wanted to emphasize “NO CLEAVAGE”. I remember she made a comment once and I was not trying to show my boobs. I’m sorry my boobs are so big that it’s in your face even when I try to dress conservative.

I even went to Zara after, no luck. Either it was way overpriced or not cute enough.

Although I found a pair of pump that I loved but were too big to purchase. Luckily, they were on sale online and they had my size! πŸ™‚


I only ended up walking out with three items. I guess you’ll have to see when I wear it out!

BTW, I hate business professional. Well, cheap business professional, that is. I wouldn’t mind Dolce & Gabbana suits all day and every day!