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“I don’t need fake tits & makeup like you ugly bitches”

“If I can’t be dependent, I’d rather be independent”

“I wasn’t born to be a secret”

“I always get fucked but never get fucked”

“I’m real and you can’t stand it”

“I don’t carry stuff”

“I would only be with a guy if he could offer me more than what I could offer myself”

“The grass is greener on the other side, supposedly”

“I’m blind when I’m mad. Seeing is communicating”

“There’s no guarantee in security”

“I Work Out to Pig Out”

“A man who shares his nothing now won’t share his everything later”

“Fucked you yesterday so Fuck You today”

“The only leftovers I like are mine”

“Life isn’t living unless you’ve lived with me”

“A true man never feels overwhelmed by the desires of his woman”

“Sometimes dreams are better left as a dream”

“People say follow your passion. My passion is money”

“I’m nice when I’m feeling pretty”

“You know what fat is once you’ve been skinny”

“If you’re going to be a gold digger, be a gold miner”

“Only I can do my best”

“I’m not fashion. I’m not trend. I’m me.”

“I’m not a gold digger I just don’t like broke people”

“Why pay for a meal when there’s always going to be a man who’ll pay for it”

“if you’re going to be an ex wife, be the first ex wife”

“Accept me for me and your love will be worthwhile”

“A woman should always be complimented for her scent”

“You should always drink to throw up”

“I meet them as boys, they leave me as a man”

“My job is to make you crave”

“Let the heart speak through your words, not your words through your heart”

“Devil in her eyes. Makes you a lustful guy”

“If you can’t figure it out sometimes just leaving it alone will do the trick”

“I can make an impression”

“Loving blindly, giving freely, living courageously”

“It looks like a piece of cake, but it doesn’t taste like it”

“I gave you the benefit of the doubt. Sorry, you failed”

“Here to place KTOWN on the Hollywood map”

“I hate wearing heels but I love shoes”

“No one will understand why I do the things I do, but it doesn’t matter as long as I know why”

“I’m a nobody until I can make a difference”

“I’m a target because I stand out”

“I only ask for things I know I deserve”

“Don’t try to work something out that just doesn’t work”

“Many can tell me I’m beautiful but it only matters when one can make me feel beautiful”

“I want to do what I want because at the end of the day, only I matter”

“I say everything on my mind because I don’t like to hoard”

“JUST BE HAPPY! Why else would you want to feel any other way?”

“It doesn’t make a difference, so live how YOU want to live!”

“Being me is easy to me but hard for you”

“I don’t love money, I just love the things I can buy with it”

“Incompatibility is an option where being being difficult overrules”


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