#HowtobeaMAN pt. 2

Twice in one week… When you insist on having your wife take your car, please have the tank filled so she doesn’t have to go through the trouble of stopping by a gas station. After the tire incident this made me so furious again, in the am on my way to the office. In the am, I said I was going to take Maximus. He should’ve just let me take the Prius since I just filled up the tank the day before! He was super insistent on me taking Betty White. As soon as I got in the car, I freaking had fire coming out of my ears. Seriously. I hate things like this… and he knows it. I hope I got mad enough at him for him to remember never to do it again.😛

Why I get annoyed… #howtobeaMAN pt.1

So, we landed at LAX and when we got in our car, the tire light was on. That evening, we got home around 12:30am and had to go to the office the next day. That week, I needed to take Maximus because I was driving to Calabasas. When I got in my car, I was immediately annoyed. My husband, the “man” of the house should have taken car of this knowing that I was taking the car that week. He had a day or two to check on it. I mean… isn’t this why I got married? So I don’t have to do these things myself? Especially if he’s the last one that drove it?

Relationships are hard

I think it’s more detrimental when it’s a friendship though.

Recently, well not recently I guess in adult years… She and I had an uh oh moment. When it initially happened, I questioned it but it was in the matter of seconds I stopped. It only started to bother me when everyone around me was upset about it. Well, first Bear. He was the only one that mattered I guess. When he did say something to me, I questioned it again. We discussed it but it wasn’t settling. I asked other people about my feelings and if it was valid and the response was yes, from all. Well, all the people I asked. I guess my point it we tried to resolve it and I felt a little (I hate using slang) salty. Every time we hung out after that it didn’t feel natural. I even started to feel like she was always trying to one up me and was being competitive. Or she was always like that, but it never occurred to me because there had been no incident before. The incident changed everything. Overnight. Snap of a finger. 

It made me question myself. I couldn’t believe that would be the reason and I wondered “am I the one that feels competitive towards her?” My instant reaction was to question my character. Reflect on myself and really try to figure out the reasoning behind all this. I approached her. But there was no response. Another try at our friendship, I brought up the fact that the thought of being jealous of her crossed my mind. Well my guy friend SL asked that. I knew I wasn’t but hearing it from a friend after o told him what had happened, I sat on it. 

The funny thing is, we both (or I clearly know that we both) know that that’s not the case. In no way am I jealous of her or would assume she is. When I said it to her, it was in light of the situation, as a joke. I don’t know if she knew. 

Who knows if I am or not, I don’t think I have any reason to be jealous of a friend. I loved her like a sister and we had a lot of fun together. It just stopped and I’m still thinking about it here and there. 

I felt the need to blog about it because no matter how much I talk to my friends about what I’m going through… It just doesn’t seem as clear as writing it. 

I wish her the best and wonder if she’s doing well. It’s disheartening. 

Life goes on though! 

Favorite @HealthNutLA

Every time I have to go to Calabasas for work, I stop by Health Nut. I even bought their spicy dressing to have with my salads at home. The problem is, I never have salads at home.😛

If you’re in the valley, this place is a must visit. Owned by Koreans, a favorite of the Kardashians and great healthy options! But… their salad dressing is the best!

Address: 23373 Mulholland Dr, Woodland Hills, CA 91364

#TylerDay #DTLA

Tyler and I had a really great weekend together. I enjoy picking him up on Fridays even though I have to sit in traffic for 2-3 hours from BH to South OC. But that extra night I get to have him under the same roof means a lot. He’s growing so fast and any time spent away from each other is detrimental to our relationship. It’s crazy because one week we’ll get along great and he’ll go home happy. The next weekend, I will yell and be upset and he won’t go home happy, neither will I. But I understand. There are times I can’t always be the #partimemom and do whatever he wants. I still need to put my foot down and do my part as if I was a #fulltimemom. I can’t let him slide on things because I will not allow him to get away with things because I see him on the weekends.

It’s difficult. I will say the most difficult part is the fact that I can implement mannerisms and behaviors that I think he should learn and carry as he gets older because I don’t see him that often. I don’t get to use the good that I’ve learned growing up to make sure that he has the same upbringing. And as much as it’s unfair, it’s also fair. I realized that no matter how the situation would be, there will never be a fair way to raise a child with divorced parents. One person will always feel like they get the short end of the stick. And i think I’ve come to just accept that fact. Once it’ll be me, another time it’ll be my first husband. (But I feel like it’s me most of the time! :P)


I must say, I was the fattest I’ve been in New York on this last trip. My fat ass still ate like a pig and enjoyed my mini vacation. It’s crazy how often I’ve been going to NY and I’m always thinking about when I’m going to go back. I will say though, it is different with JL having a place of her own and now living with her bf.

I forgot how warm and disgusting NY gets in the summer. I’ve been so many times in the fall and winter that I didn’t expect the weather to be THAT unbearable. I plan to skip NY for the rest of the season and look forward to going back in the fall. However when I was editing my NY video, I realized how much fun I have with my gf JL and how much I already missed her. Being able to relive the moment through my videos are priceless and I’m so glad I picked up on this hobby even though I annoy most people with my camera in their face.

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We went to some fun in the woods thing for a musical event and we ended up just playing in the kids area. You all know I can’t resist a slide, so when I saw one, I had to slide down. Yes, even in my dress. Also, you can see that my son and I can’t take a nice picture.

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New Car Mount @iOttie

I had a great one I got for free through this Amazon deal, but the stickiness on the suction was not as effective so I decided to purchase one so I can continue my facetime activity on my way home from the office.

iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Car Mount Holder