Monthly Duty #BlossumCup

Blossum Cup has been a saving grace in my life the last 1/2 a year? Maybe more? I do have tampons as an emergency + I now wear pantyliners and pads more than I did.

I think during the last cycle, I really graduated from the the whole placement thing. The first several months, I would leak and would have to wear a heavy pad just in case and it was a bloody mess.

Now I have the hang of it, I just need to make sure it is suctioned in my kitty and it’s secure.

Hope you enjoyed my #IGTV episode!


This is what I have next to me! What’s on your bedside table?

1. Crystal Chandalier Night Lamp (similar)

2. Pig Ceramic Containter
3. Panda Bookend
4. Doll from Japan
5. Penguin Doll
6. #DoingJim Hat (in my shop!)
7. Poop Emoji Coin Bank
8. Charger
9. Chef Andrew Zimmern Book
10. The Bitch In The House Book
11. Polar Loop 2 Crystal
12. Sour Candy
13. Hi-Chew Candy
14. Toffifay
15. Water Bottle
16. Clear Correct

Freezer #ShoeStretching

I read an article online about stretching leather shoes. This was the first method I decided to try because it seemed the easiest. I ate a lot last night (Thai food) so I was a bit swollen this am. The shoes still felt a bit tight. I think I’m going to try the blow dryer method tonight.

My colleague loaned me her shoe stretcher but it would fit in my tiny boots. 🙁

She gave me the stretcher and a spray which is supposed to help loosen the leather. If you want to try that way, here are the products:

Shoe Stretcher
Shoe Stretcher Spray