I hate sports!

Okay, so I only liked it for a little bit. I paid $20 to a guy at the office to join in on a bracket thing for March Madness. Bear picked my teams of course because I don’t know anything about college basketball. I lost. I am in 11th place. Kansas and Michigan was his final pick and neither made it. He also made mistakes like picking Texas A&M when he meant to pick Texas or vice versa… whatever, I lost.

We had dinner Sunday evening and he was sneaking in a sports game. Honestly I didn’t care because I was too busy snapchatting my face.

The moral of the story is, sports is fun when there’s is money on it. And even more fun if I win. Bear won $100 so I was happy. 🙂

#Hacked @Starbucks

I got an email notification saying that my card was reloaded. I went into my app to see my history and the next thing after I screen grab the photo below, my card disappears. Someone signed on as me, reloaded my card, transferred my balances and deleted everything!

Luckily I caught it in time to call Starbucks and provide them with the information of card that was transferred to. I got an email for the balance transfer and the last four digits of the card was provided. Starbucks was able to cancel the card before they used it and I got refunded.


#Oldify #DeathScare

I saw this app on my producer’s #IG and had to download it.


I had Bear Baby do it and I also did it on Tyler’s face.

IMG_0822 IMG_0795


I really hope I don’t look like this when I get old.

Does it know my bad habits?

I had a scare and now I want to take care of myself, WELL.


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