Monthly Duty #BlossumCup

Blossum Cup has been a saving grace in my life the last 1/2 a year? Maybe more? I do have tampons as an emergency + I now wear pantyliners and pads more than I did.

I think during the last cycle, I really graduated from the the whole placement thing. The first several months, I would leak and would have to wear a heavy pad just in case and it was a bloody mess.

Now I have the hang of it, I just need to make sure it is suctioned in my kitty and it’s secure.

Hope you enjoyed my #IGTV episode!

Doubling Up

Three cycles ago, I decided to forgo the tampon situation and use a menstrual cup. I started off with the small (after reading the directions)and it arrived when I was mid-cycle. It worked perfectly.

I wore panty liners the first day in case it leaked and realized I didn’t need to at the tail end of my cycle. My 2nd cycle, I wore it the entire time and wore a heavy pad for when I slept and the first few days just in case. It didn’t leak when I slept, I’m assuming because I was parallel however all day I felt it leak. Thank god I wore pads! By the 3rd cycle, I didn’t want it to leak because it felt disgusting so I got a larger size. I am super heavy the first couple of days and every time I went to pull it out it was overflowing and filled to the max.

I’m not sure if I’m doing it right or if I’m just bleeding too much by the 3rd cycle, I was hoping to have it down but I didn’t. It leaked again when I was out and about but not when I slept. I just ended my 3rd cycle so I’ll have to wait but so far I love it. Even with the leaking. I’m okay wearing a pad for the first two days and panty liners thereafter.

Thinking back, I can’t imagine the cotton ball that was stuck up my thing for however long. There must be lint residue from it and it totally doesn’t sound or feel sanitary. I am hoping to not leak because either I can wear it properly or I can dump the period one more time in the day. But that’s the hard part. I can’t be dumping blood and cleaning my cup in a public bathroom!

I have 3 weeks to figure it out. The best part about this is that I don’t ever have to buy tampons again!

Blossom Cup