I Hate Sequential #DMV

You know me! I had to get a personalized plate. I forgot who it was but I asked what I should get and they said “BORAMOM” which would have been really funny, but I opted not to. I wasn’t sure if my mom would be okay with a personalized plate but I still did it anyway. I saw another white X6 drive by with a personalized plate and I felt uncool. lol

You’ll have to wait 12 weeks to see what it is, if it gets approved. I’ll have to wait 12 weeks and be basic… 🙁

New Plate Frames #BMWX6

I got my mom a new car and I had to get her plate frames. Although when I showed her the photo, she said it wasn’t her style. That’s why I got black! LOL

Ok, so maybe I got the plate frames for myself, but that’s all I’m going to do. I WAS going to get personalized plates, but maybe I won’t. My mom wouldn’t like that either. 😛

I also wanted to black out the wheels and the emblems, but I’ll just do the emblems and not the wheels. Don’t want to draw too much attention to the car while my mom is driving since she drives, just as aggressive as I do. 🙂

SWAROVSKI Crystal License Plate Frames Black Diamond Crystal


Mommy’s New Car #BMWX6 @IrvineBMW

First, I’d like to say THANK YOU to Yi-Wen & Paul at Irvine BMW for helping us get into a beautiful car. We took a week to think about it after our first visit and we were all glad to have walked away with the BMW X6 M Sport.

Don’t get me wrong, the only SUV I’ll drive is still the Range Rover (and not the sport) but the X6 comes in a close second. I fell in love with the X6 when it first came out and I’ve had my eye on it and finally we have it in our garage. The Range Rover was a bit too much for us to get right now. I will drive the Range Rover again soon. And doesn’t the X6 look like a Polar Bear???

My mom was in dire need of a new vehicle and since I got a nice promotion at the end of the year, I decided that getting her a new car would be my first duty. My worry for her safety was #1. Then of course, I wanted it too.

I’ve known Yi-Wen since 2001-ish. My ex-husband and I got an employee an M3 under my credit (which the employee got his payment deducted out of his paycheck monthly).

Then I got a 645i, in 2005, with an exer who put me through the wringer (finally out of my hair and not affecting my life anymore).

All said and done, I was waiting to get back to Yi-Wen and get another BMW.

We got the 2016 X6 xDrive 35i with premium and sport packages. Alpine white on black Dakota leather, although I could have gotten Coral red or the Cognac. I wouldn’t have minded the Nappy leather too but oh well. The trim is the Polar Wood Trim, definitely not my favorite, actually the worst of it all, but I didn’t really have an option to be picky. AND it isn’t as bad as it used to be.

All this came into place since I’ve put my finances in order. I know exactly how much I have, what goes out, how much to spend, and what’s saving. I’ve never felt so refreshed in my life. 🙂

I’ve also given him a name already, let me introduce you to Troy. 😀






Opportunity ALWAYS Presents Itself

My car wreck a few weeks back really threw me off my cycle. I can say it was for the better.

My visit to the rental car place, Enterprise, was the beginning.

They didn’t have a Prius for me so I was left with the other crappy cars on the lot. Like most rental places, my options were a Camry, Jeep, Focus, Hyundai and a minivan.

I had a lightbulb moment.

I had just gotten a new camera for my birthday and in my production class, I was meeting a lot of new friends who could potentially help me as I would help them!

So I picked the minivan. A Chrysler Town and Country Touring.

Oowee, this car had all the blows and whistles!

And even though I would NEVER EVER EVERRRRRR in my life own one, drive one, BE SEEN IN ONE, I had to pick it.

What great way to launch my new YouTube channel with content that I actually enjoying writing/creating/producing!

I mean, if I would have anyone’s job in the world, it would be a cross between the Top Gear (Europe) guys and Anthony Bourdain. But I know to get to their level I have to DO SHIT on my own. If you’re trying to get into entertainment and you haven’t figured out that you have to create your own content, you’re missing the boat.

So for that reason I chose the family friendly minivan!

I was already reaching out to my friends in the car industry and had some things lined up. But to have a boring minivan and to review it because it is so out of my character/style to be seen in one, just made perfect sense. Is this what people mean when they say we have to sacrifice to get what we want? 😛

Well I did sacrifice, for just a few days though. And I don’t know if I would call it sacrifice now, now that I’ve experienced ‘having’ a minivan! That thing was ridiculously luxurious and kinda excellente!

Here are some photos to keep you interested but the real fun will be via VIDEO! My review on the Chrysler Town & Country Touring!

Stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe to my new channel! Even after my video from my old channel, I’ve been getting subscriptions on the channel I’m trying to part ways with! Get it together people!

NEW CHANNEL: www.youtube.com/bvityl

For all your viewing pleasure!

All positive and negative comments are welcome. My skin is too thick to really care for the rude people, thanks to my childhood.











Not only have I found two amazing guys who are more than willing to help me but hopefully a new partnership for more videos to come.

This isn’t the only one we’ve done, we got a few up our sleeves so please sit tight!

Thank you to Sal and Abraham for this first shoot… VIDEO shall be out within the week!

But boy was I glad when I returned the minivan, that shit was a gas guzzler compared to my Maximus!