How To Eat A Drumstick @GusFriedChicken

My vlog went live last week and while I was editing the video, I realized how much I craved Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken.

We visited the location while we were in Kansas in December. We were there for a wedding and I really wanted to do a feature on a non-LA establishment. However, during our meal, the waitress informed us that Gus’s opened an LA location.

Now I’ll have to go visit!

Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken

@SkySpaceLA #DTLA

It was the grand opening of the observation deck at #SkySpace #USBankTower in DTLA. I had it in my calendar months ago for the slide and about two weeks prior, I went on the site to get tickets. I wished I had a go pro but I didn’t need one at all. I was upset at the fact that we weren’t able to hold anything (phone) in our hands while sliding down. The cool part about it was that they took a photo of you coming down the slide. Just like at an amusement park! When we had all came down, we went to the kiosk to look at the photos. Of course, mine was the only one that wasn’t showing. They tried to mess with it for over 15 minutes and then I asked to speak to a manager. I nicely said, “I waited in line for over an hour and paid $30 to go down a slide and not be able to get a photo? I’d like to go down again.” He obliged and took me back to the slide, cut in front of the crowd and I got to go on again! This time, my photo came out! I was most appreciative of their accommodation and so happy that we as a family got to experience such an amazing part of our city. The space is beautiful and the views are breathtaking. Even my husband who’s scared of heights enjoyed the visit. I can’t wait to come again and go down the slide over and over again when there is no line!


I Hate Sequential #DMV

You know me! I had to get a personalized plate. I forgot who it was but I asked what I should get and they said “BORAMOM” which would have been really funny, but I opted not to. I wasn’t sure if my mom would be okay with a personalized plate but I still did it anyway. I saw another white X6 drive by with a personalized plate and I felt uncool. lol

You’ll have to wait 12 weeks to see what it is, if it gets approved. I’ll have to wait 12 weeks and be basic… ๐Ÿ™

No Need To Iron! #Steamer

My purple steamer broke and even though I have lifetime warranty, I decided not to turn it in. I should’ve just gotten this to begin with after I saw Jo using it. I just gravitate towards anything purple, I can’t help it.

This is the best thing ever and we can travel with it. Thank GOD Jo will be bringing hers to Paris cause I don’t have room for in in my luggage. ๐Ÿ˜›

Pure Enrichment PureSteam Fabric Steamer – White

Jet Skiing @ExperienceTCI!!

We went with another couple from our hotel… a Detroit Pistons player and his gf! Kentavious Pope! No idea who he was but he was tall and I knew he was a bball player… Bear knew exactly!

I wish I bought my cell phone with me while we went all over the island. I was scared it would get wet but I should’ve brought a ziploc.

The water is the most amazing thing… Warm shallow and clear as any swimming pool water! 

My eyelashes got the worst treatment but I didn’t care. We were going average 40-50mph!

I’m glad I didn’t get my own, I would’ve been trailing behind!

#DW @BarefootDreams

Bear had to stop by work late in the evening. I was ready for bed and didn’t want to go but I did need to go to the bank (ATM) so I joined. I figured I would be able to sit in the car so decided to wear my robe out. ๐Ÿ˜›

What I didn’t realize was that I would need to walk to the car and walk back to the apartment. People could see me in public with a robe! This was so wrong for my “look” but I didn’t care. I never want to get out of this robe! AND I asked Bear, “is it ok if I leave the house like this, people would see me in the lobby and elevator,” his response, “who cares!”

Luckily, I didn’t run into anyone! ๐Ÿ™‚

Women’s Barefoot Dreams CozyChic Robe









Picking Up @JackStackBBQ

I was hoping to eat in but we ended up ordering out.

And if Bear had coordinated, I would have brought my purse with my ID so we can both have a Bloody Mary, but he didn’t . He didn’t tell me that he was thinking about ordering a drink while we wait. So now I have to watch him drink because I’m a law abiding citizen.

We’ll have to go visit another before I leave.2014/12/img_8364.jpg