Company Color – Red

Bought cause I loved the material and cut but returning cause I have no plans on making myself look like a valet attendant.

It’s my company color and though the photo is a bit bright cause of the filter, the red was gorg!

If you like:

Smythe Long Shawl Blazer

Random Nights!

Met a friend for a drink in Downey, his friends were going to a karaoke place so I decided to join! 😛 I was supposed to pack for Colorado but ended up coming home at 3:30am! It’s crazy how this generation of boys party. They go to karaoke to meet girls and NOT sing. They just put on their playlist from their phone and party in the room like a private club. I just drank and sang as many songs as I could and try to break the ice between the guys and girls. It was fun nonetheless, people watching. HAHAhHAhahah!

Ted Baker Women’s Dariah Prep Style Blazer
Women’s Manolo Blahnik ‘BB’ Pointy Toe Pump