Happy 1 Year Wedding Anniversary

I wanted to get Bear a TF belt (with the sideways T) since it’s so fitting with our surname, but it was too expensive for me. Totally out of my budget.

So I got him these sandals that I’ve been eyeing. He got really upset because he doesn’t want to wear $400 sandals. BTW, they were $325.

He said he’s going to return it. 🙁

I’ve really started! #budgeting 

Disclaimer: In no way am I trying to teach how to budget. I’m just sharing my experiences. 

With that said, it’s been two months and I am not doing well. 

Well, way better than before and still above water but I could be doing better. 

The hardest part is, I can’t really go places. I have a little less than $800 to spend in a month with everything covered. Including $ towards savings. I can’t even enjoy Troy because his tank is $60+ to fill up. (My mom insists that I drive the car when she doesn’t since I’m just paying it and no one is enjoying it.) Which I sure did and still do. I ended up buying a $750 camera on a whim after the shoot a week ago and I love it and I wish I wish I wish it gives me the push to make more videos! 

It’s the habit of spending I can’t break. Everything is automatic in my accounts and still I check it daily. Sometimes more than twice a day. Either I need to be more busy or I have an addiction. 

I was suppose to stay in for the month of March but things came up and I had some extra money. This is the month. April, I’m not doing anything. Questions will receive a no, assuming it’s to hang out. Started today. I also started my raw detox. And no, I won’t go to May 4th, I’m four days in but idc.

Also had an idea to update #BOB. 

My blog was scattered. I could do this and #pigletventures but others will have to be a hashtag. 

You all rmemeber #BOB (bitch on budget).

I couldn’t get myself to constantly post because the bitch bothered me. 

I can’t say what the idea is because I need to not spend money on the domain. So I shall wait. 

I am not to spend any money this month. Detox, no social anything, home!