@LadyDelilah_LA, I Love You. cc: @hwoodgroup

Ladies’ HH at Delilah WeHo. Love this place. Bathroom review coming soon!

They have a live 3-person show, although the singer can be a bit better… the music style is freaking amazing. I love standards so this establishment is just up my alley. Ambiance is great, food was delicious… however, it’s a bitch trying to get reservations and you can’t even get it to sit at the bar without one.

I need to make friends with the boys from H. Wood Group.

Help, anyone?

@SkySpaceLA #DTLA

It was the grand opening of the observation deck at #SkySpace #USBankTower in DTLA. I had it in my calendar months ago for the slide and about two weeks prior, I went on the site to get tickets. I wished I had a go pro but I didn’t need one at all. I was upset at the fact that we weren’t able to hold anything (phone) in our hands while sliding down. The cool part about it was that they took a photo of you coming down the slide. Just like at an amusement park! When we had all came down, we went to the kiosk to look at the photos. Of course, mine was the only one that wasn’t showing. They tried to mess with it for over 15 minutes and then I asked to speak to a manager. I nicely said, “I waited in line for over an hour and paid $30 to go down a slide and not be able to get a photo? I’d like to go down again.” He obliged and took me back to the slide, cut in front of the crowd and I got to go on again! This time, my photo came out! I was most appreciative of their accommodation and so happy that we as a family got to experience such an amazing part of our city. The space is beautiful and the views are breathtaking. Even my husband who’s scared of heights enjoyed the visit. I can’t wait to come again and go down the slide over and over again when there is no line!


#WasteOfSpace #LosAngeles Final Project

My second last week of school and our final project was due and up for critique in front of the whole class.

Professor Alejandro Sanchez has been amazing all semester and guided me into looking deeper into subjects and perfecting each print.

I initially wanted to do my final project series on #FormulaD in Long Beach, but I didn’t have even cool shots to really have something with substance. I was working and on my feet so my time with the camera was limited and it consisted mostly of cars. Which was too obvious. I wanted more depth and meaning…


My series of 11 photos was titled : Waste of Space

I came up with this idea after driving in the car one day with Bear and Tyler. We passed by the billboard (pictured below) with a clown and a lady with Spanish writing. I obviously didn’t know what it said, but the visual associated with the text was disturbing.

I immediately wanted to scream and get Tyler’s attention so he wouldn’t be looking out the window.

I started to think about all the other billboards that bothered me. Not only did I NOT want my son to see sexual, drug related and obscene billboards, I didn’t think it was necessary to blast such advertisement publicly.

I’m not one to overly ‘mother’ my son or shelter him but certain visuals should not be allowed to take up airspace for business/profit.

I don’t even listen to the local radio or Top 40’s music when he’s in the car. I strictly only play Jazz/Standards.

I know I don’t have control over everything but if I did, I would definitely start with the garbage that is visible for the public to see.

Below are individual shots of what I perceived as a #wasteofspace.