London Here We Come! #TravelCompanion @MZWallaceNYC #CarryYourDay

As you can see, we are the camo family. Bear and I went to Silverstone for a race and made a week long trip out of it in the UK! I travel fairly light wouldn’t you say?

I Am Busy Luggage Tag – Gray Malin
Mz Wallace Medium Metro Tote
Mz Wallace Metro Backpack
Tumi Camo Luggage
Herschel Supply Parcel Luggage
Herschel Supply Co. Grove Medium Camo Backpack

#MUSTHAVE @MZWallace X @Equinox

I purchased the limited edition Equinox collaboration tote from MZ Wallace, but I had the black previously which I sold. I love their bags and love this colorway. I’m not sure if you can get the Equinox ones anywhere else but at Equinox but they have so many options and are constantly coming out with more. I want one of each metro style and color, it’s crazy! I really want the backpack too!

MZ Wallace Metro Tote

MZ Wallace Metro Backpack

Got Caught

TSA stopped me for no reason. He asked, “Is there anything in there that’s sharp and can harm me?” I said, “Excuse me?” He asked again. I answered, “tweezers?”

I don’t fucking know… “Yes sir, I have a huge blade that’s going to come out and attack you as soon as you open it!”

Fucking retard. He didn’t make me throw anything out, so it was a complete waste of time. And I was running late!IMG_7844

New Bag! #DoingJim #MustHave


I had to return it because there were obvious scuffs that were not listed when I purchased it.

There were no returns but luckily they agreed with me and now it’s on the way back to

Now I need another bag!


Thanks Bear!

I found this on and I had to get it.

My #MarcJacobs #PanAm gym bag is going downhill and this was perfect!

Purple AND Chanel!

It got shipped and arrived yesterday!

It’s a bit narrower than what I imagined. (The measurements were on the site of course but I didn’t bother looking).

It’s taller, at least!

It’s #vintage, #authentic and #PURPLE!











Now that I have it in my hands, it seems too nice to have it as a gym bag. 🙁

But I have no use for it otherwise!

It’s all leather inside, came with authenticity card and serial number sticker on the inside.

This bag is SOOOOOOOO me!