#ChampagneTasting #Reims, France

The most amazing structures are in France and the emotions I felt are so unspeakable. I am so happy to have been a part of this trip and to see and understand a different culture unknown to me has opened my eyes! Every moment of the trip I wanted to experience something new, my mind was expanding and I realized how much I had been living in a bubble. There is nothing greater than traveling and exploring. Each second was memorable and everlasting.

#ThirstyThursday @PremChampagne

How could I not use the overused Thursday hashtag!?!!

My favorite hobby, DRINKING! I have to do something about that though…

This week, my #thirstythursday post is my new Veuve decoration/tool!

Veuve Clicquot Rosè, Ice Bucket and Megaphone!!!

I’ve been eyeing this for a while and I decided to forgo it. Then I had a panic attack after I told Bear to manage my money and I HAD to buy something. 😛

This is or was my last purchase. My justification… I wasted my last Veuve that came in a mini fridge because I left it in the freezer. 🙁

I shop at Preimer Champagne for all my champagne needs… Best and only place to get normal to giant sized bottles!! That’s where I got the Perrier Jouet Jeroboam! (Bigger than a magnum).

Veuve Clicquot Rose – Scream Your Love Ice Bucket

Unfortunately, the price went up from when I bought it. :/

#DateNight @LaBodegaKC @MoetUSA




Decided to go out for a drink Monday night before the end of the year… Bear’s mommy suggested this place and lucky us, they had 1/2 off bottle under $100!

I originally chose the Veuve 1/2 bottle but that wasn’t included. 🙁

I chose the Moët Imperial presuming I wouldn’t finish it. (I haven’t been drinking much this trip).

I only had two glasses and we asked for the bill.

The bartender checked the bottle and asked if we wanted to take it home! I was so shocked I couldn’t reply. I asked again to confirm what she asked and she insisted we take the rest home! I said sure and in the doggy bag in went!

What a fucking great idea!

Beer O’ Clock

Met a new friend for a drink to discuss fun stuffs. Went to Vinu Wine Bar but had to leave because of the champagne selection. We met to discuss champagne and he’s a champagne snob (I’ve been meeting those frequently lately), so the lack of options deterred us from staying.

He suggested Biergartenwhich I was ok with. Since I don’t drink beer and I didn’t want to drink a lot, I agreed. 🙂


#PSA @PerrierJouet

I’m sorry, I got confused…

It states #Jeroboam on the carton but on the link it states #DoubleMagnum.

I forgot about the double magnum so I assumed it was a #Jeroboam. I thought I had it wrong, but it does state #Jeroboam on the case. Guess I wasn’t wrong and this PSA was not necessary.

I didn’t want to look like a dumbass, calling the bottle a #Jeroboam when it was clearly a #doublemagnum. I guess it’s only a double magnum if it’s a wine.


IMG_7402For champagne, it’s a #Jeroboam. Also, my math was completely off. I was thinking 3 liters and assumed double that for how many bottles. It’s actually only four bottles of champagne in the #Jeroboam and not six. My math really sucks.

Here are some diagrams for ease.


know your shit.

@PerrietJouet #PartyTime

This weekend was weird for me. I kept thinking Saturday was Sunday because I dropped Tyler off Saturday night. Usually I drop him off Sunday and I have work so I felt the day confusion even more.

We drove to Irvine, met the dad and went over to a friend’s place. I can’t believe we drank til 1:30am. (We had gotten there around 7:30pm).

It was such a fun night with friends and the magnum. Always thankful. Thanks Frederick and Terry!
IMG_7041 IMG_7091#howtobeaman

Know to keep your fridge stocked with champagne. 😛

Luckily, he loves champagne!