#RainyDay #doingJim @REDValentino @BrabusGermany

I kinda love when it rains so I can wear my amazing raincoat. I actually wonder why more brands don’t design it. It’s super functional. It keeps me warm because there’s no ventilation and it keeps me dry. Did you not see that Chanel purse rain cover coat thingy. LOL

I mean there are a bunch: Amazon, Shopbop
Red Valentino Raincoat OR Red Valentino Raincoat
Brabus Umbrella (thanks to @Brabus9)

#Chanel Sunglasses For Sale

I’m selling my glasses due to … well, me being sick of it. I want a new pair and I don’t see why I need two pairs at one time. I’ve sold all my sunglasses and only have these left. I’ve added nose pads so it doesn’t hit my lashes, which are perfect since I have a low bridge cause I’m Asian. 😛

The great part about this is that this is still a new style!

Chanel Matte Black Cat Eyes Sunglasses

From Paris #ParkSistersxVIParis

I never made it to a Chanel store so I had Jo grab me the mini wallet from Chanel on her last day. I had already left Paris on Monday and they stayed another day. This and a purse was all I wanted to get while I was visiting and I was able to achieve my goals! 😛

This card holder was recommended by my friend CY and CS, they said it was better than a card case, which I was going to get at Goyard.

I’m glad I listened.