I’ve been a fucking mess the past two months.

Bitchy, irratable, losing and breaking shit, emotional, cry baby but not suicidal, thank god.

We arrived to the apartment Tuesday from Kansas and Bear Baby had more the bath mats on the shower rails because the maintenance was suppose to fix the toilet before we left. But he didn’t and Bear Baby asked the bldg not to work in our unit since we’ll be out of town.

Bath mats weren’t put back because Bear Baby didn’t put them back.

I came to the restroom took off everything to get on the scale and SPLAT! My Chanel J12 on the floor face down.

I was furious! I couldn’t believe the bezel cracked! I guess I should be glad that it’s only that and not the face!

I feel like I’m breaking down. Everything in my life is somewhat of a depiction of everything that is happening to my belongings.

I can’t break away from this bad luck and feeling like shit all the time.

Why is everything going wrong? Why are all things annoying as FUCK! Why do I have to live this crappy life now after I was given a great one?

I know life is suppose to be a roller coaster but it only happens to some of us. I don’t want to hear anyone say, “it’ll make you stronger”. Fuck that, the only thing that’s going to make me stronger are the weights at Equinox if I ever get back to working out.

Life really isn’t about rainbows and butterflies and it sickens me when all I see on social media are the misconception of people’s lives.

I want to embrace the shitty and want to share the crap that I have to deal with because that’s life. Not some perfectly positioned macaron with your un-creased magazine and your paid photographers taking a photo of you in your jammies.

Yes, I enjoy watching people (RKOBH) live tier extravagant life. They’re the only ones, they’re rich and fabulous and so goddamn funny. That’s something I can appreciate. Not the ones that live in a set that they’ve created to get noticed. Hustling? I say no but that’s my opinion.

That’s all!