iPhone 6/6s Case For Sale @Valfre Chill Pill

So my old (almost new) iPhone 6 or 6S Chill Pill Case does not fit my New iPhone 7 plus!

Selling my slightly used super awesome case.

$20 w/ shipping U.S. only!

You can Venmo or PP me money…


#DoingJim @Equinox

Doing Jim at the DTLA location on weekends with the hubs. We walked through the parking garage and I saw a mirror and I couldn’t help myself!

Beyond Yoga Tank
Nike Compression Shorts
Quay High Key Sunglasses
Chill Pill iPhone Case
Polar Loop Crystal

#New #iPhoneCase

My Chanel cigarette case is getting old and needs to go into retirement. 😛 I have been searching for one, or on the lookout for one but haven’t found a silicone one that I liked a lot. Finally a rubber one I can use and not worry about dropping my phone. I don’t like the plastic ones and it doesn’t really help protect it, I think.

Blue Chill Pill 3D iPhone Case by Valfre

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