Pow Pow!

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

I left have been leaving my lighter in the car. The plastic ones that come in different colors that are transparent, the ones that the Korean cab drivers use to solicit their business. Yes that one.

First time if happened a few weeks back. When the sun had been blazing and my car had been sitting in it since 9am. It was only noon when I needed to leave the office. I get in my car, run my errand and as I open the door to get in, I see a piece of purple plastic something on my seat. I quickly realize it was my lighter that had exploded. First thought, THANK GOD that I was not in the car!

Fast forward to last week. I’ve been placing the same kind of lighter elsewhere. In the middle open console underneath my gear shifter where it’s shaded and not prone to sun exposure.

Then one day I get in the car and find this.


It exploded again. THANK GOD AGAIN, I was not in the car.

I can’t imagine the type of impact it has in the car and what would happen if I was driving.

I’ve heard of this before so I knew the sun and the heat trapped in the vehicle was to blame.

Never will I EVER, have those types of lighters in my car. No wonder the cab drivers use it as advertisement, they’re cheap and lethal!

I’ll stick to my BIC, but I should really quit. 😛