@Academy_LA #Vanguard

Did you ever go to Vanguard? Because I went recently for an event and it brought back so many memories. I didn’t go much because the promoter was Visionshock and I liked House of Glam parties… the outdoor patio was redone and so pretty.

Danced the night away @1OakLV

The best music ever at this club! I started to like EDM while in Vegas, but clubbing is all about dancing and dancing is all about 90’s hip hop and R&B. Well, for a person born in the 80’s that is. Thank you #lionoflasvegas for providing us an amazalicious dinner and table!!

x REVOLVE Yarra Mini DressĀ (different color)

IMG_1691 IMG_1688 IMG_1693 IMG_1695 IMG_1837 IMG_1696 IMG_1700


Testing out the clubs that my crush uses.

Bear Baby LOVED them!

Cobra Amp Cell Pro






Mako 2-Eye Canoe Moc Boat
iconV-Neck Pima Cotton T-Shirt
J. CREW Shorts

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