LBC -> LAS #LasVegas

This trip, I decided to drink and let loose a little bit more than usual. Typically, I’m well-mannered… I’m not sloppy, or too drunk, or dancing too much. I sit there like a princess, sipping on my drink and occasionally dancing.

I danced so much this weekend my thighs were sore on Sunday.

Friday night was Jewel @ Aria. @DJMK1200 opened and closed for #JustinCredible and we went to Palace Station Hotel and Casino for Oyster Bar after.

We both ordered the Pan Roast and took the rest home. It was unbelievbly delicious. The wait wasn’t as bad either from what people were saying. Typical wait time would be minimum 2 hours, even at 3:30am!

We waited maybe 20-30 minutes.

On Saturday, I slept all day. I was sleep deprived from going to the gym 3 days in a row at 5am so I needed it. Oppa was headlining at Heart of Omnia so we headed to the club around midnight.

Another fun night… had a 9am flight and arrived to Long Beach at 10am.

Thirsty Thursday

Thursday fun days… Who would have thought? A innocent meeting with Jo to talk about our new blog turns into a night of awesome fun and being out til 4:30am.

We started at #EMCSeafood and topped off two bottles of Veuve.

We had our first round with a dozen oysters, scallop carpaccio, lobster rolls and zucchini fries. Jo ran into her CEO and he ended up taking care of our bill. Thank you, CEO! So we decided that we would go a second round. We got the uni pasta & clam chowder with another bottle of Veuve. 🙂

We weren’t that tossed. We were simply enjoying a delicious meal(s) with lots of bubbly.

Towards the end of the night, Jo called our other friend Nan and we went to this secret club. Ok, it’s not a secret club, I just didn’t know about it. 😛

Honeycut! If you haven’t been, you’re missing out!

We danced all night and then went to karaoke in Ktown…

We partied. Hard. So hard, I fell asleep Friday (last night) at 8pm.