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I’m the kind of girl that can find something to buy anywhere. I never leave a place empty handed!

A friend informed us about the show and we had to join. Although there weren’t as many cool toys as I wanted to see. I ended up walking away with a shirt and a really awesome knife. Def. not legal, but it’ll keep me safe when a creep tries to attack me. 😛


#HappiestPlaceOnEarth #SCPlaza

Hands down the bet place to shop in Southern California…


I used to come here every day. It’s been several years since I’ve been here. 1. I moved out of OC 2. I don’t have money any more

I know I’ll be back soon. Leaving my car in valet, shopping all day and grabbing a bite to eat before I head home. That life calls my name!

My way of entry to this mall is through the entrance between Hermès and Chanel.

That’s how I imagine heaven to be like. 😛