#Henna #Tattoo Addict

I had a Harley Davidson audition in El Segundo so I found a henna place on the way home to #DTLA. I wanted to go to the first place I went to get henna but Artesia would have been too far to get back in time.

I was impressed by her design and detail. The henna seemed different but I didn’t think it would be when it came off.

After she was done with the design, she blow-dried my hand and put a lemon juice ointment thing on it.She said it would help make the color darker.

I paid almost triple what I paid last time ($25 + $10 tip, 1st time : $10 + $10 tip) and I get it… It’s the time, effort, design, detail and all that stuff but if it’s not great quality, none of that really matters!

As I was paying (which at the moment, I didn’t care how much) the lady told me to not wash it off and to leave it alone for 3-4 hours!!! I shrieked because I told her I had to be somewhere at 7pm and I needed to go home and curl my hair.

I hoped that by the time I got home, it would have stained more than the last time. I assumed everything different they did would make it look darker than the first place.

When I got home, it started to crack and I could see the stained design on my skin. The surprise was, it wasn’t dark. It was light and I needed to curl my hair!

I ended up curling my hair with one hand, which btw, it is impossible and I’m more grateful NOW, to have, two hands. I washed it off and was supremely disappointed in the outcome. It was faint and from afar, it looked like I got a burn on my hand. It was orange and not cute. I was leaving to a party shortly and I was actually embarrassed about showing my hand. 🙁

The place I went to was Daxa Beauty & Threading Salon, don’t go here.






How it looks now…


The Jam

I was contemplating on whether or not being Jasmine for Halloween while I was showering this morning staring down at my belly. I knew for sure I would have to starve myself and wouldn’t feel comfortable showing my gut to #WEHO, even if they were all #gay.

I got in the car and was on the way to drop Bear Baby off when I hear the song go in and out. We were in the garage so my signal for satellite wasn’t clear. I said to Bear, ‘I think it’s a #Disney song!” Once we exited the garage, I heard, “Prince Ali – fabulous he – Ali Ababwa” I screamed, “IT’S A SIGN!”

Bear Baby had no idea what I was talking about and I explained to him my dilemma from my shower this am. He laughed and had no comment. O.O

I guess I’ll starve.


#avgvsta #jewerly hand-crafted by @JuliaV_tweets

Skilled jewelry designer, model, mother, wife and breathtakingly beautiful Julia Vaughn searches all over the world for crystals & gems to make her art jewelry, one of a kind.

Lucky me, I have one of her pieces. I’ve had it for a while but never knew how to wear it. Julia wears it casual and dressed up and all I can do is admire her for her style.

I’ve worn in four times now and all for special occasions. Dressed up because I’m not as cool. I can’t figure out how to wear it dumbed down.

I never got to get a clear shot of the necklace on so I made it my point to have a mini photoshoot of my beautiful cleavage necklace.

Please visit her store for what’s available, but remember, most of her jewels are individually created and custom made.










I just submitted another order… can’t wait to see the outcome!