I had to change my flight to fly out on Friday instead of Thursday to Kansas since I had been out of the office for a week in Paris.

Bear’s brother got married over the weekend in Missour/Kansas. The ceremony was held in a beautiful Catholic church and the reception was at the Kansas City Country Club near the Country Club Plaza.

It was an amazing weekend with the in-laws and especially with my husband.

He had been gone all summer and things got a little rough but I think we’re finding our way back. Cheers to Q4 and the near end of 2017!

Mz Wallace Backpack | Tumi International Carry On | Balenciaga Leather Jacket | Vans Peanuts | R&B Leather Pants | MOTHER Socks | Velvet Cape | Turtleneck

#NYE @HotelSorellaKC

The hotel was in the city, at the Country Club Plaza. It was a boutique hotel and it was gorgeous! The staff was generous and everyone I saw walk through the lobby were beautiful and well dressed. Just the type of people I want to be around! πŸ™‚

(I love #Kansas).









Sweater Whether Rib Knit Dress – $32.00

There was also a birthday party… it was around 30 people and we rented out a penthouse with the maximum occupancy of 41. There was a patio with heat lamps but… it was WAY too cold to even step outside!



I was already a drink in so I made another when I got there and had some champagne.

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I’m so sad it was too snug on me. I was so sure it would be perfect since it was a size Small in men’s.

I went on the site today and realized it said, ‘slim fit’. Guess I’m too big for a girl that I can’t fit into a slim size small.

I already contacted them and will be returning the sweater for a size medium. I only got one for me assuming Bear Baby doesn’t care for one, but he saw mine last night and he said he’d like one too!

The B Crew Pullover in Midnight


“B” for Blair~ or Bora~ πŸ˜›



I also got a #KC sticker! I’ll be putting it on my car after I get a carwash!