Getting Old

When I curl my hair I lookout for white hairs. It’s acutally the perfect time because it allos my hair to spread and I can see each strand. I found so much this time. They were all mostly short because the white hairs were ones I discovered before so they were just growing out again. I did find a long one which means I have more that I have NOT discovered. 🙁

Hot Tools Curling Iron


Travel Kit @KaiFragrance @HotToolsPro

Been traveling for work and I have my usual suspects with me…

I always do a face mask since I’m in my hotel room alone and watching a show.

Kai Body Butter
Travel Toiletry
Hot Tools Curler
pureGLO Brush
Face Mask

And of course my RUBYSTELLA jewelry.

Vintage Dior travel bag, can’t seem to throw it out. I just keep washing and washing it.


#Selfie #HairDID




I’m really starting to like this whole girly look with curls. Now… How can I speed up the hair drying process. I realize the time it takes to dry the hair is what causes women to take fucking forever to get ready.

I’ve managed to shower the night before and have my hair dry the next am to curl but imagine if I showered in the am? If have to wake up an hour earlier?

Curling takes about 15-20 minutes.


Know how to curl your damn hair, bitch.