#BudgetShopping #BOB

Being a #BOB is nothing to be shameful about. Trust me, I know.

I used to be and now, well, I’m completely NOT over it but I’ve accepted it.

And guess what! There are cute clothes that aren’t pricey. I started shopping at F21, couple years ago. Prior to then, I refused to step foot into the store. Now, I’m all about mixing and matching. Mix and match the expensive with the less costly.

If you carry yourself well, no one will ever notice. Work It Piped Chiffon Blouse ROYAL – $32.00

Geometric Lines Sequin Dress – $46.80

Deep End Plunging V Strapless Dress – $31.00

Moto Life Quilted Leggings – $21.00

Show Your Stuff Mesh Shoulder Top – $6.49

Open Weave Cable Sweater – $11.99

Zip Along Ribbed Contrast Moto Pants – $15.89

Flannel Fix Buffalo Plaid Button-Up – $12.99

Perfect Basic Button-Up Blouse – $8.99

Business ‘N Pleasure Pencil Skirt – $7.09

Rosy Bloom Crochet Skirt – $14.99

Scallop Edge Mini Skirt BLACK – $6.99

Show Off Tulip Maxi Skirt – $10.29

Off Duty Cropped Muscle Tank – $3.99

Bow Down Organza Skirt – $9.99

Sugar ‘N Spice Sweetheart Cropped Top – $9.69

Specks Appeal Sheer Glittery T-Back Maxi – $21.95

Sleek Faux Suede Bodycon Dress – $32.60

Caged Bra And Panty Set – $31.70

Expose Me Faux Leather Boots – $53.30

Corset Lace Up Booties BLACK – $18.95


Bummed that I am not allowed to upgrade until November especially because I thought I was able to upgrade in September.

I got home from Texas and tried to pre-order but it wouldn’t allow me.

Which I’m ok with because the ship date for the iPhone 6 was November! What a joke!

At least I’ll have time to figure out how to customize my #iPhone6 case!

download (1) download

Make Your Case! Pre-Order iPhone 6 Cases on Zazzle.com

Pre-Order Your iPhone 6 Case on Zazzle

Shop Amazon – Trade In Your iPhone


@Snoopy #Obsession

I’ve gone overboard. I purchased the F21 Peanuts Sweater on 7/13/14.

I wanted a second but it was sold out and they replenished on 7/25/14 so I bought another.

When I received the 2nd one, the quality and sizing was completely different.

Thank God I got a medium the second time around because the following cut was shorter and much smaller.

My plan was to wear it for a while, possibly through my future pregnancies so I wanted a bigger size.

Plus, I wash my clothes too often that it shrinks, A LOT.

The other day, I got an email from a reader (THANK YOU!) and she pointed out another Snoopy Sweater from Zara!

I like how the whole gang isn’t on the sweater and it’s just Snoopy and Woodstock.

BUT, the sweater is TOO long! It’s a sweater dress (and btw, that skirt they paired it with is hideous) and I’m a shorty.

Short people and long sweaters do not mesh well. Just like Korean men and me. 😛

I’m still debating if I want it. Well, of course I want it, but do I really need a third? Especially since it’s more than double the price and super long?

Decisions Decisions.



The model is very cute though. Japanese or Korean I’d say.