Tray 2 @ClearCorrect

I went into the office to get m 2nd set of trays. I enjoy it when I first put it in because it makes my mouth feel tight, like it’s actually working. 🙂


Teeth Whitening #weddingprep

I haven’t used my bleaching tray in a while and I noticed someone else’s REALLY white teeth so I decided to pick it up at my mom’s.

I also got my teeth cleaned because whitening teeth after a teeth clean is the best. AND I haven’t had my teeth cleaned in a while.

I remember when I first got it, the dentist didn’t tell me the directions and I assumed I should wear it to bed. I woke up soon after almost crying because my teeth were so sensitive and in pain.

Never again.

Last night I wore it for an hour. 30 minutes later, my teeth hurt. I popped 3 advils and nothing. I couldn’t sleep all night because it was so painful. 😦

I shall try 45 minutes next time. I still feel a little sensitivity now!

I got my tray at the dentist but you can buy it online and do it yourself at home!

At Home Professional Teeth Whitening Kit with 5 Large Syringes of Gel 


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