Continuation @DinerenBlancLA #DTLA

So I finally edited my Diner en Blanc video and though my camera crapped out on me right when the event started, we still had enough coverage. Thanks to my iPhone!

Hope you enjoy!

The amazing Pineapple Tumblers:

My date for the night:

Quay Sunglass:
BCBG Stilettos:
Tutu: White Tank:
Theory Fur Coat (black version):
White Fur Clutch (similar):

#DinerEnBlanc Prep #AvgvstaJewelry

I don’t have many occasions to dress up so when Diner en Blanc comes around I love to be a part of it. I brought out the same tutu from last year, but had different shoes, top and jacket. I got some new items in the past year that went better with the look so I of course had to upgrade!

I got compliments from EVERYONE of course on my coat. They were too distracted from my coat that they didn’t compliment my shoes, but I know everyone was admiring my style. 😛

VLOG to follow soon, make sure you subscribe to my channel!

Theory Fur Dove (similar – VEST)
Avgvsta Jewelry by Julia Vaughn
BCBG Crystal Sandal (ON SALE!!!)
Oversized Teddy Bear (similar)

@JoannaPark and I Take On @DinerenBlancLA, ALONE! (Good thing we work out)

What an eventful evening with so many other residents of Los Angeles!

The beginning was a bit hectic and intolerable but after a few glasses of champagne, we completely forgot about the horrific transpiration situation hours before!

I just wish our group leader (bus from BH) was a bit more organized because we arrived late and missed the whole napkin spin and other stuff.

Jo and I lugged one square table, two white foldable chairs, 1 cooler, 1 stick of bread, huge bag with stuff and ourselves all the way from Beverly Hills to the secret location.

Two years ago, it was on Rodeo Blvd., which we missed and was a way better location that Pershing Square. But I would like to say that LA is prolly really strict so blocking streets were not acceptable this year. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

I mean, Pershing Square is an open park where you can go and have a meal any time you want. So due to that reason, the location sucked, no novelty factor at all!

Jo and I were sweating and disgusting throughout the whole process. It was such a warm night and I couldn’t believe the amount of perspiration that I was oozing…

Luckily we had a hand cart and we were able to roll everything. I saw a few familiar faces and wanted to meet new friends, but it seemed like everyone was very cliquey and not engaging with people outside of their group. Note to self: come with a lot of friend next time.

We registered late so we barely had time to prep let alone get people sponsored and wait for a response from the Diner en Blanc team.

Even though the tranSportation part was a bitch, we forgot about it all by the end of our first bottle the night and we danced the night away! It was too much fun… I can’t wait to do it again AND I know how to prepare myself next time. 🙂


















Couldn’t Decide @DinerenBlancLA #DW #jewelry

I forgot I had my Chanel pearls (thank god it never sold), crystal bow tie necklace
and my wedding Avgvsta necklace! I couldn’t decide which to wear of the first two.

I had Jo wear my Avgvsta necklace since I had just worn it in April. I forgot how gorgeous that necklace was, especially at night when it’s so sparkly!






@DinerEnBlancLA Necessities

  1. Square Table : Tall Aluminum Portable Table With Carrying Bag
  2. White Folding Chairs : Flash Furniture Hercules Series Premium White 
  3. White Table Cloth : 85-Inch Square Polyester Tablecloth White
  4. White Linen Napkins : Now Designs Hemstitch Cocktail Napkins
  5. Food Storage : Collapsible Insulated Picnic Basket set for 2 with Plates, and Cutlery Set
  6. Food : Undetermined
  7. Outfit : Putting together now!

Can’t wait!!