#BlingBling for #BV

My glitter spray paint was barely visible, the adhesive spray glue disintegrated my Styrofoam letters but that didn’t discourage us! We went to Office Depot, got Elmer’s Glue and placed the crystals away. We finished the letter B and had some leftover in the bag of crystals.

The V has less area so I hope I have enough left to do the sides of the letters. 🙂

It’s not Swarovski but I love the way it still shines and glitters!

Thanks Dazey for my letters, again! I’m having so much fun doing all this DIY stuff!





Wedding Bouquet #DIY

I decided to do my own bouquet… well, I actually decided to have a bouquet. 😛
Since we’re just having a casual ceremony at the private beach and then to a cocktail reception with family and friends, I didn’t think I would need one.

Then I realized, we are going to have a photographer (Michelle Kim) so I opted to have one. I really wanted to get a florist to make me mine but Terry inspired me to do more #DIY things so I looked it up and it seemed easy enough.

I would say it came out pretty well for my first time.

The first one came out smaller because I was tired of doing it. My friends suggested that it should be larger so I made another with the extra after making boutonnieres.

I didn’t have floral tape so I just used packing tape for now.

The two bunches were only $10! 🙂