@HudsonJeans w/ @DJMK1200 #Vegas

I totally forgot about leaving my gun lighter at home. I got it confiscated at the airport of course.

I got one right away on the plane.

Gun Torch Lighter

Got into Vegas Monday night at 11pm… staying for two days for Oppa’s set on Tuesday evening for Hudson.

Haven’t been to Vegas since June. I forgot how much I love Vegas!



I was anticipating for the show. The idea of showcasing the minority in both sex and ethnicity is a brilliant idea. Especially 3 out of the 4 women being #Korean.

I had no idea who they were because I’m not really into #EDM or #KPOP or #FASHION, but my hubby is so that is how I learned about the show.

My producer from #KTOWN mentioned the premiere party in Hollywood but I had class, but in all honestly, I wasn’t too interested in attending. I would have stopped by for the after party but I guess they only had Greystone Manor rented til 11pm. Regular Wednesday night party for SBE would have to still go on…

I fully supported the show until I saw the trailer. If you know me, you know exactly what I’m talking about. I can’t support anything that involves a lifesucking leech.

I still support #AlphaGirlsTV on their road to recognition as artists, creators, producers and strong successful women in the industry and wish them the best of luck and respect.

Episode one came out today and I was excited to watch. Each profile has an extraordinary talent and are acknowledged in their industry to be ahead of the game. It was refreshing to watch #Asian women conquering.

My favorite line from #Tokimonsta, “The problem with a lot other female DJs in electronic music is they’re not valued for how talented they are, lot of them are talented for how little they dress in”. Sounds about right. It’s refreshing to hear an accomplished artist recognizing what’s really wrong with the world and how people view ‘talent’.

None of these flourishing masters are the typical attention seeking female individuals that feel the need to wear less clothes or be provocative to be acknowledged. They work hard or even harder than most men and women and are able to stand behind their work and not say a word.

This series is a look into #alpha #females. ASIAN ALPHA FEMALES


Here’s episode one. My only problem with this episode is that it lagged a bit. I stopped watching it around the 15 minute mark. The technical aspect of the episode annoyed me. The topic and subject wasn’t the issue, it was the transitions. Maybe because it was the first episode and they wanted to showcase each individual profile, whatever the case it was dead space. Either speed it up or get rid of it.

Hopefully for the second episode, the introduction transitions aren’t necessary.


Sneak peek for episode 2, I didn’t really bother.