#100thDay #KoreanCulture

Koreans love celebrating the life of a baby. Apparently because back in the day, parents were lucky to have a child live past 100 days. Hence the 100 day celebration and the HUGE 1st birthday celebration. Well, at least that’s what I was told. If I’m wrong, someone please correct me because that’s what I’ve been telling my white side of the family. 😛

My eldest cousin had his 3rd son. We celebrated an intimate dinner at the China Gate restaurant. Everyone does their celebration there, unless you’re super fancy and then you do it at Lawry’s or Spago.

I have this theory, the first child always looks like the mom or dad. The second child always looks like the one that the first child doesn’t look like. The third child is a mixture of both, which is always the best looking child. Now think about the people in your life that fit that count…. right?

Anyway… we enjoyed a delicious meal at the birthday. I popped a diet pill because I didn’t want to pig out. Did me right! There was another celebration at the restaurant, a 1st birthday. The parent and toddlers were running around and I noticed this white man with a hapa kid. He was the most adorable kid ever. I can’t wait to see what my child looks like… I don’t know when but I can’t wait!

If you’re single, please go marry someone outside your race, let’s take our existence one step closer to world peace!

Celine’s 돌 (Dohl) 1st Birthday~

 Celine’s 1st Birthday was held in the private room at Spago Beverly Hills. It was the most beautiful #dohl I’ve been to.

I loved that it was Korean traditional influences with American details.


The food was impeccable and so amazing because it wasn’t a Korean buffet style!




I came straight to the bar as soon as I arrived. 😛 I got a bottle and went back and forth from the party to the bar to refill.




Decorations and dessert table was just like out of a magazine!




Celine’s feather skirt was a hit!



Cutest family ever!



There was a fairy who kept the kids busy. 🙂




My handsome boys.




The family~





#selfie time~ Only print I wear is #camo. I got this a while ago and I wanted to throw it away or sell it. It’s been sitting in my closet and I’ve never worn it. It actually looked great and I got compliments all day! I guess it’s a keeper.




The homie JOh  moi~


We all had such a great time! After the party, we came home to rest before Bear Baby & Tyler left for the #Dodgers game.