@TheCoffeeBean vs. @Starbucks #ColdCups

I always wondered why Coffee Bean didn’t have the cold cups and one day I walked into a Krispy Kreme and saw it! I had to get it because you know, their branding is purple.

After use, I realized the cup didn’t hold up as well as Starbucks. There was too much condensation and it didn’t keep my drink cold. It was basically just a cup in tumbler form. I did like the Coffee Bean designs.

Starbucks > Coffee Bean Cold Cups

#MUSTDO! Dinner & a Show @FaithandFlower #dtla

I’ve never had Absinthe before. I’m not sure if it was the real thing but it was worth the show!

It came green in a snifter glass. A rocks glass filled with root beer and ice. One shot glass with two black straws.

He swirled the Absinthe in the snifter glass to coat the inner walls.


Lit a match into the glass and let the fire roar!





What happens after is a mystery. All I’m going to say is that it required both my hands, hence the no pictures.

Only thing I’ll tell you is that you use the straw, but not for the root beer.

You MUST try this!