Troy in Trouble @BMW #X6

One morning on the way to the gym my car crapped out. I spent the entire day out of the office dealing with crap. Luckily the BMW service guy was amazing, stuck me in a loaner and off I went. It took two days to fix it. What was wrong? IDK, something with the fan.

I always knew Troy would be trouble.

Couldn’t Decide @DinerenBlancLA #DW #jewelry

I forgot I had my Chanel pearls (thank god it never sold), crystal bow tie necklace
and my wedding Avgvsta necklace! I couldn’t decide which to wear of the first two.

I had Jo wear my Avgvsta necklace since I had just worn it in April. I forgot how gorgeous that necklace was, especially at night when it’s so sparkly!






#DTLA Nights @SevenGrand

 Seven Grand to Casey’s. 

I’ve been to Seven Grand plenty of times but not Casey’s. It was my first time. I felt like I was in Kansas. 

I love Seven Grand, more and more. It’s Bear’s favorite bar and now I think I know why. Everyone is friendly there and service is impeccable. Oh and they have match boxes available to grab! I love matches! 


Dancing the night away!

First, we enjoyed dinner at The Factory Kitchen. (The food there is amazing so make sure you visit!)

Then we went to Emerson to dance dance dance!

Jo’s #OOTN

Dance With Me Fringe Corset Top WHITE
Raise Your Standards Skirt






My Skirt:

Mod Timing Knit Skirt 


#Fabric Search with @TWDSkater!

#Fabric Search with @TWDSkater!

Met my dressmaker in DTLA to shop for fabric. We met at Michael Levine and found ourselves walking through the whole area.

We finally came across a store that had the right fabric for the construction!

So excited to see the final outcome!IMG_3336.JPG

All Over It @HM

We were trying to kill time so we stopped by H&M too. I saw this and wanted to try it on but was too lazy. I need to go back.

Faux Leather Overall. I would totally link it but it’s not available on the website. Trust me, I searched everywhere.


Overalls are coming back in, I’m wondering if I should have kept my Calvin Klein Overalls from middle school. 😛

Who remembers this? hahahha #oldschool #baggywasin


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