Couldn’t Decide @DinerenBlancLA #DW #jewelry

I forgot I had my Chanel pearls (thank god it never sold), crystal bow tie necklace
and my wedding Avgvsta necklace! I couldn’t decide which to wear of the first two.

I had Jo wear my Avgvsta necklace since I had just worn it in April. I forgot how gorgeous that necklace was, especially at night when it’s so sparkly!






#DTLA Nights @SevenGrand

 Seven Grand to Casey’s. 

I’ve been to Seven Grand plenty of times but not Casey’s. It was my first time. I felt like I was in Kansas. 

I love Seven Grand, more and more. It’s Bear’s favorite bar and now I think I know why. Everyone is friendly there and service is impeccable. Oh and they have match boxes available to grab! I love matches! 


All Over It @HM

We were trying to kill time so we stopped by H&M too. I saw this and wanted to try it on but was too lazy. I need to go back.

Faux Leather Overall. I would totally link it but it’s not available on the website. Trust me, I searched everywhere.


Overalls are coming back in, I’m wondering if I should have kept my Calvin Klein Overalls from middle school. 😛

Who remembers this? hahahha #oldschool #baggywasin