Friends In Great Places…

It’s amazing to have friends with great closets.

“I’m over this coat (Isabel Marant), wore it all last year, take it” –catalina su¬†aka catalinalinasu

It went something like that. My jaw dropped and I was so ecstatic. We have the same obsession with furs and not faux fur either…

She let me borrow it before I went to Kansas last year for the holidays. It was puuuuuurfect and it kept me so warm.

I haven’t worn it out much in LA because (no, not because it’s not cold enough) I don’t want to damage it!

It’s precious cargo and it’s really expensive. If something were to EVER happen, there wouldn’t be a dollar amount to replace it. Plus, I’d feel so bad, I’d die.


Isabel Marant Raccoon Fur Coat.

This thing is amazing. I love it and everytime I see her, I ask if she wants it back. She says, “not yet, whatever.”

Until that day, I will respectfully wear it well and be so honored to have such a fabulous coat over my shoulders.