In Search Of My New Engagement Ring…

Had a sapphire shipped from NY (video to follow this week) but it didn’t work out well. I saw two in NY that I loved but one was super pricey and the other was too dark. Of course I liked the pricey one…

I had the one in my budget shipped to because I thought I’d like it without the pricier one by it. But nope. I didn’t. It was still too dark!

I put the stone on a setting just to see.

I want the flower rings below though… $2,300… too rich for me (right meow).

Engagement Ring Replacement Hurdle

I have reached out to my long time family jeweler to hunt for a light purple sapphire for my replacement engagement ring. She found three but it was not it. The emerald cut was gorgeous but too dark, the round and pear were light but not light enought. It’s funny, because she made a good point. It’s going to be harder now than ever because I’m comparing it to something I had before. I really hope she can track one down. :/ I really want my engagement ring back…

New Engagement Ring

We’ve been searching for a while now… for a new sapphire stone. Perfect in color and size.

Finally my jeweler sent me some photos and we went to visit her on Saturday but she forgot to tell her mom and I had to leave without seeing it in person.

Three stones were found for me. Round, pear and emerald. The pear wasn’t GIA certified, round is the color I like, and the emerald was beautiful but too blue.

I’ll have to wait until the 16th to go take a look.

I’m leaning towards the pear but I really want to see more options and also on a setting.

Updates will be posted!

Faux Fun

While over the friend’s place, she told me to check something out. She pulled out this ring out of her box and I freaked. Of course it’s CZ, but it was so gorgeous and sparkly.

I told her I’d borrow it. 🙂

It’s really HUGE and possibly so obvious that it’s faux but I don’t care!

Alette’s Emerald Cut CZ Engagement Ring

Others by #RubyStella





I don’t think I ever want a ring that big. I’d rather have that money for a car. 😛



Wore my new shoes out and I wanted to kill someone. My feet were HURTING! Do feet get wider as we get older?

My shoes seem a bit narrow, I know I don’t have wide feet. Or do I?

The girls said, I just need to break them in.

BTW, love the top from H&M, my unnie picked up and offered before she returned it. I’m so glad I snagged it.

Loose, soft (almost silky), perfect back, front and side. Shows a bit of my boobs without showing the sag. HA! 😛

Of course I paired it with one of my faux leather shorts (that’s not visible).












Jewelry by: #RUBYSTELLA

Bad Fiancé

It took me this long to share.

I lost my ring and I am still mortified.

It was the night Los Angeles Magazine writer and Beer Belly invited me on a night out with TOKiMONSTA and Chris from Seoul Sausage.

Unfortunately, Chris couldn’t make it but the night still went on. I was happy to meet TOKiMONSTA and spend an evening out with a fellow white guy.

I was honored when I was first found out. THANK YOU AGAIN, Garrett!

We started off at Get Bbul. A Korean seafood grill place. Dinner was fun and it got the ball rolling.

We then went to La Defence, the old Velfare.

We sang and drank and took a cab to El Flamin’ Taco but they were closed because it was Thirsty Thursday.

Some of us ended up at Wi Spa, which was the plan. Garrett wanted to experience the whole KTOWN rounds.

When we arrived, it was already 2:30am.

We were given our locker wristbands and I went downstairs to change.

As I was taking my watch off, I decided not to take off any of my rings. I even thought to myself, I won’t be going into any water so I won’t need to take it off.

We went to the communal area, stopped into some of the rooms and I snuck downstairs earlier than the rest to get home.

I showered, brushed my teeth, changed, called Uber and went home.

When I got home, it was around 4:30am. I informed my boss about being late due to this outing and was expected to sleep in a little bit.

I threw my sweater and shirt off and into the hamper cause it reeked like cigarettes. (Both at the same time, btw).

I came back out to the kitchen and started to take my rings off. I usually leave them on the counter so I don’t forget to put it on before I leave every morning.

I took off my Vogue Rings from Ruby Stella, then reached for my engagement ring. IT WAS NOT ON MY FINGER.


I panicked and started searching through the hamper, my sweater and tank that I took off, my purse and everywhere. I retraced every step. I called Wi Spa and they were going to look but I had to go back.

I called UBER and they picked me up and I arrived shortly after. Soon enough where my clothes and towels were still in the basket I left them in when I left. I went back to the shower area but the drains were too small to have the ring go down.

TONKiMONSTA and her BFF were in the jacuzzis. They asked where I had been because I left early. I told them, I ended up going home but I didn’t have my ring on me so I had to come back.

I kept looking but knew I hadn’t looked carefully enough at home so felt like I was wasting time there cause it clearly wasn’t anywhere to be found.

I called UBER again and came back home. I used my iPhone flashlight and searched everywhere, trying not to wake up Bear Baby.

I called Wi Spa again and asked him to be on the lookout.

I climbed into bed but I was uneasy and couldn’t sleep for the life of me.

Bear Baby woke up by my noise and asked if everything was ok, I answered yes.

I decided I needed to take half a Xanax, so I did and fell asleep in my horror.

Bear Baby woke me up the next morning before he headed to work and I stayed asleep. He kissed me bye and was gone to work.

I wanted to go back to sleep but I couldn’t. I called Jo. She met me at Wi Spa at 9am and we searched everything and everywhere.

What happens next really doesn’t matter because my biggest fear was that I would have to tell Bear Baby.

I felt so bad and shameful and so disappointed in myself.

How could I have been so intoxicated that I misplaced my ring.

I tried to blame everything. My ring was a bit loose, but I would have known. I would have noticed if it fell off…

EVERYTHING was going through my head.

Bear Baby already knew. He overheard my conversation with Wi Spa after I came back searching for it.

I started to cry. I couldn’t even look at him in the eyes without crying the next week.

The most amazing part about this story isn’t the possibility that I could have found it. It was that he didn’t even get mad or upset, or disappointed. He was sad. Sad for me because I lost it.

I was truly humbled. I never thought I would be in a situation where I would ever feel this type of disappointment in myself.

It was unforgivable. I will never be able to forgive myself for being such a Bad Fiancé.



if you see me in photos with a new ring, it’s temporary and it’s fucking gorgeous.

#HowTo Clean My Engagement Ring

Every time I get my ring back, it’s so shiny and sparkly and so beautiful.

Too bad I’m not so girly that I don’t take care of my gem like I should.

I asked my jeweler and she simple said:

Use windex & a soft toothbrush

I’ve heard that before and I’ve used toothpaste and a toothbrush before (I heard from somewhere).

I just feel like it’s never as shiny, but then again, who can really remember the exact shininess?

This is what I found online:


Diamond Care

Since your diamond is a valuable investment, you’ll want to take proper care of it. This section contains some basic tips to help keep your diamond looking its best.

Diamond Care Do’s

Diamonds must be kept clean and stored carefully when they are not being worn. Here are some guidelines to help keep your diamond in top condition:

If you notice loose stone settings or any other noticeable damages to your jewelry, do not continue to wear the jewelry. Take it to a trusted, professional jeweler who can make an assessment and repair the jewelry. We recommend that you have a jeweler check the setting in your diamond ring, stud earrings or solitaire pendants (while you watch) once a year.

When you’re not wearing your diamonds, be sure to store them in a fabric-lined case or in a box with dividers to prevent the diamonds from scratching other jewelry or other diamonds.

Diamond Care Don’ts

Avoid wearing your diamonds while doing housework, yard work or any other kind of rough work. Even though a diamond is extremely durable, a hard blow could chip it.

When doing household chores, never allow your jewelry to come into contact with chlorine bleach.

Cleaning Your Diamonds

Diamonds, like anything else, get smudged, soiled and dusty. Lotions, powders, soaps–even the natural oils from your skin–will create a film on diamonds, which will reduce their brilliance. In addition, chemicals in the air will oxidize or discolor the mountings. Keeping your jewelry clean will maximize its brilliance. Here are four ways suggests you clean your diamonds:

Detergent Bath: Prepare a small bowl of warm suds using any mild household liquid detergent (be sure not to use any cleaners containing chlorine). Brush the jewelry with a soft brush until you have created a lather around it. With the jewelry on a plastic or metal strainer, rinse off with warm water (be sure not to clean your jewelry over the drain!) Pat your jewelry dry with a soft, lint-free cloth.

Cold Water Soak: Make a solution of 4 parts cold-water and 1 part very mild dishwashing detergent. Soak the pieces for several minutes. Lift out and tap gently around all sides of the mounting with a soft brush. Rinse the pieces in the solution once more and drain on tissue paper.

Quick-Dip Method: Buy one of the brand name liquid jewelry cleaners, choosing the one that is best for the kind of stones and metals in your jewelry. Read the label carefully and follow the instructions. Do not touch your clean diamonds with your fingers, as the oils from your hands will leave a film on the stone.

The Ultrasonic Cleaner: There are many types of these small machines available to the public today. They will clean any piece of jewelry that can be soaked in a liquid within a matter of minutes. These machines often have a metal cup, which is filled with water and detergent. When the machine is turned on, a high-frequency turbulence is created.

NOTE: Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and warnings before using these machines. and detergent. When the machine is turned on, a high-frequency turbulence is created.

Traveling with Diamonds
Packing your precious diamond jewelry for traveling should be done with utmost care. There are many types of jewelry carrying cases that are specifically designed for jewelry travel, available in all price ranges, sizes, shapes and patterns. Most have velvet pads inside to attach pins and earrings, with special compartments for bracelets and necklaces. Don’t ever leave your jewelry on the rim of a sink when you remove it to wash your hands. It can very easily slip down the drain. When you’re away from home, don’t take off your jewelry in a public place–you may accidentally forget it and lose it forever.

I really wanted an Ultrasonic Cleaner but if I could save $100, you know I’ll be first in line!

#HappyBirthday #HowToBeaLady

I always try to give a card if I don’t have time to get a gift. Always, at least a card.

Remember, it’s the thought that counts. Let people know how much they mean to you by your actions and not just your words.

To my jeweler JH (@JewelryBox) who made my engagement ring dreams come true! Thank you for finding the perfect stone for my ring. Finding a purple sapphire was like finding a needle in a haystack! You pulled it off and I’m so happy to have this beautiful piece of art on my finger!

Wishing you a fabulous birthday!