Wedding Shoot @TheLineHotel

Thank you Bonnie Tsang, Jillian, Alice, Kelsey, Moon Canyon and The Line Hotel for having Bear Baby and I be your models for your wedding shoot!

We were chosen amongst hundreds of applications as the model “engaged couple” having their wedding at The Line Hotel.

I had an early am and didn’t get to make it to the office, but this was so worth the unpaid day!

My usual #seflie in a body length mirror~


The beautiful JLM dress. On the post it said it was going to be Monique Lhuillier but I really didn’t care! I was most excited about the opportunity and the amazing photos we would have after the fact!


 There were two dresses selected but the photographer chose the one that she thought best suited me.


The view from suite 1122 was amazing! Overlooking north KTOWN and into the Hollywood Hills all the way to the Hollywood sign and the Griffith Observatory.


 Makeup & hair by Kelsey~


The dress was huge but the clips worked wonders!


Bear Baby getting trimmed and freshened up.


 The rooms inside the hotel were beautiful. The one time I ever stayed was when I was in middle school (I think) and my mom got me a room so I could meet the KPOP stars staying in the hotel. I of course got to meet them and was starstruck and in love for a long time.


The beautiful vintage style engagement ring and wedding band. It was pear, as if I was meant to have a pear shaped ring… 😛


#Selfie in the dress. That fire emergency exit sign was a bit irritating. :/


I had to improvise! 🙂


Jim Hjelm Couture



The shoes were to die for!

Kate Spade ‘Charm’ Slingback Pump



The feast we got to nibble on!






Then, the day ended and I was sad.

I had to eat something to feel better. So I grabbed a macaroni and cheese pizza from the lobby cafe.

Editorial photos will be published once they’re ready. These were taken from my iPhone 4s & Bear Baby’s iPhone 5.

Here is Bear Baby looking dapper on the bicycle!



The Process

Picking out exactly what I wanted wasn’t a cinch.

When I first found out that he was interested in shopping for one from my dear friend Jo, I started to investigate. Well, I had her investigate.

Honestly, I wanted a 3 ct. pear cut diamond, GIA certified, with a rose gold setting. Now, let’s be honest, that’s a lot of money.

When I realized that I may be aiming too high and just how ridiculous it sounds to spend around $40k on a rock on my finger, I decided to research other options.

Granted $40k on my finger doesn’t sound bad, it wouldn’t sound bad to any girls out there. But now that I’m 31, don’t have my parents’ money to spend on a wedding, house, furnitures and dowry, I needed to really evaluate what I was asking my boyfriend to do.

Spend money on my ring OR spend it on a down payment for a house?



Trust me, as much as I want that 3 ct. pear, I can wait for the 5ct. pear for our 5th year anniversary, or a push gift. 😛

So then my journey began in finding the perfect gemstone.

After a few google searches, I found out that sapphires came in other colors. It also happened to be our birthstone!

I figured if it came in champagne, white, pink, blue and aqua, it would HAVE to come in purple. And it did! Different shades of purple.

Then I came across this photo…

I fell in love.


Lilac sapphire with a rose gold setting. I’m sure the lighting helped a lot, but I couldn’t stop thinking about this exact ring.

I did some more research and found many sites that sold a cheap version. Not an engagement ring version.

Luckily, I had a jeweler friend who helped me find the purple sapphire.

Sapphires are apparently highly desired, especially the purple. The shade, size and clarity needed to be perfect but because of the rarity of the gemstone, it took forever.

When she found the stones that she thought I may like, she called me over to take a look. I of course took Jo along.

She had three different sizes and shades, she wanted to gage my preference to figure out what she had to look for.

I knew I wanted to go with the lighter shade of purple and anywhere between 2.5 ct. to 4 ct.

This is when all the fun began!



After the first meeting, I went home and told Bear all about it. I convinced him that I wanted a purple sapphire. He kept arguing with me on how it wasn’t traditional and that he wanted to get me a diamond.

I refused. Every time I was drunk felt comfortable enough to talk about it, I professed how much I wanted the sapphire.

About a month passed by…

My friend JH, finally found the perfect stone.



After the stone was chosen, we moved onto the band. Of course, I was doing this all on my own with Jo and JH. My job was to figure out what I wanted before Bear went in for the kill.

I would hate to have him get something off of something I think I like and then I realize I don’t like it on my finger.

JH cooperatively helped me out. Showed me different settings and colors and made her suggestions.

I was sold on the rose gold, but for some reason, it didn’t make the ring POP and it didn’t look like an engagement ring.

So I opted for platinum.





This all happened over the summer. I had no idea what was happening between then, well maybe a little.

I knew it was coming, just didn’t know when.

Then he proposed. Now I have this beautiful ring on my finger that symbolizes us for eternity.

Our birthstone, my favorite color and so clear and beautiful, just like our future. 🙂


I realize now, I don’t need a diamond, I probably didn’t even need a stone, I just need Bear and his love forever.

Nontraditional Gal

I’ve been there and done that and now is the time where I can do things the nontraditional way.

The way I want it without feeling like I have to follow the grains.

I decided on the purple Sapphire as my gemstone, for multiple reasons.


1. Duh! My name is Violet and I love purple.

2. Money wise, let’s say I’m smarter and don’t need my bf to spend money on an overrated diamond. Maybe when he’s the 5th billionaire in the world but I’m good for now.

3. The money that could be spent on a diamond could be put towards the house. (I expect a big house, Range Rover included).

4. I’ve had a diamond. It is beautiful and great but I can wait to get the 5 carat pear shape.

I love my lavender sapphire so much. It’s me and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s in a platinum setting with micro pavé diamonds, with a split parallel shank.

My gemstone is GIA certified, as all gemstones should be. Never treated, cushion cut, 3.27 carats.

Bear insisted on the traditional diamond but I convinced him to get the sapphire.

Thanks to my dear friends JH & Jo for helping him out in the process.

Eventually I’ll get my 5 carat pear shaped diamond ring but whether or not I do, I’ll be happy with my purple sapphire that signifies our deep eternal love.

I love my nontraditional ring, and I look forward to planning my unconventional wedding!!!



It wouldn’t be a celebration without Dom P!



Close up!







Happily Ever After

For the final time!

Today was a normal Monday.

I woke up, dealt with the Gas Company for the home and went off to work.

Work was busy as usual, prepping for tomorrow’s meeting with Joe’s Jeans for future production and getting everything in order with the boss.

After work, I had my usual Monday Anthropology class. We met the professor in increments by group to go over our semester project.

I was happy about leaving class early.

Bear was meeting me at home because he was off early as well.

I pulled into the garage to find the door to the patio closes. Which it never is. I assumed it was the cold weather and winds.

I opened the door and the patio was decorated with twinkle lights, rose petals & candles.



He was standing at the sliding glass door with one single rose and in his suit.

I had in my arms a shopping bag full of crap and paperwork from class.

I stopped after the first step, I was confused.

I had no idea what was going on, I was puzzled, happy, nervous, annoyed and everything else.

Annoyed because I had no idea this was going to happen today!!!


I started to walk slowly to him asking him dumb questions.

“Is this happening right now”

“What are you doing”

What’s going on”

“I don’t get it”

When I finally shup up and got into the house he started to read the words on the page he filled up.

He could barely get past the first sentence without crying, which made me cry.

Every word, every tear made my heat melt.

He then proposed.

I of course said yes.

We’ve talked about this before and I talked to him about the ring I wanted.

I knew it would happen I just didn’t know when.

Now I’m ENGAGED!!!!




I can’t wait to spend the rest of eternity with you, I LOVE YOU BLAIR!