1st night out on the town. Not too bad. After dinner at Faith & Flower, we headed to Honey Cut to dance.

IT WAS DEAD. I didn’t get to break in my shoes as much as I wanted.

Dancing would have sure done the trick. Guess next time~


I want to try not to get too drunk in these shoes though. That’s my problem, I don’t know how to take care of my shit.




Wore my new shoes out and I wanted to kill someone. My feet were HURTING! Do feet get wider as we get older?

My shoes seem a bit narrow, I know I don’t have wide feet. Or do I?

The girls said, I just need to break them in.

BTW, love the top from H&M, my unnie picked up and offered before she returned it. I’m so glad I snagged it.

Loose, soft (almost silky), perfect back, front and side. Shows a bit of my boobs without showing the sag. HA! 😛

Of course I paired it with one of my faux leather shorts (that’s not visible).












Jewelry by: #RUBYSTELLA

#MUSTDO! Dinner & a Show @FaithandFlower #dtla

I’ve never had Absinthe before. I’m not sure if it was the real thing but it was worth the show!

It came green in a snifter glass. A rocks glass filled with root beer and ice. One shot glass with two black straws.

He swirled the Absinthe in the snifter glass to coat the inner walls.


Lit a match into the glass and let the fire roar!





What happens after is a mystery. All I’m going to say is that it required both my hands, hence the no pictures.

Only thing I’ll tell you is that you use the straw, but not for the root beer.

You MUST try this!



#DateNight @FaithandFlower #DTLA

I had to go to my CPA’s office because of an amendment tax file I had to do, so we decided to have dinner out.

We stopped by Beer Belly, but it was closed. They’re having a company dinner, which I’m so behind. Employers should totally treat out their employees.

We were scrambling to figure out where to go driving through #KTOWN when I saw Nancy’s #ig.

#FaithandFlower raw bar.

I checked with #opentable and got a reservation.

To my surprise, I saw my friend Stephane who greeted us and welcomed us to his new place.

The restaurant was exactly to my taste. Aesthetically exquisite in every detail and corner of the space.

I said hello to Nancy and her hubby Sam and sat down for a fun dinner with my Bear.


I wanted the rose from the ‘Fizz’ category but when it arrived it was flat. The server came back with the correct drink in the coup glass.

I was contemplating on either the $19 brut rose or the $9 champagne, I left it up to Bear to decide.

I did say, I could have two glasses with the cheaper one. 😛

Bear chose the brut rose for me. 😉




My other dinner companion.

My jewels.



Thank you Stephane for the complimentary dishes and absinthe drink!

I can’t wait to go back… I need to go back!