I got back from Kansas and celebrated NYE like a champ… woke up to this face on Tuesday. We went to the outlet and I bought a few things. Most worn in the photo. I got a super deal on an amazing Coach vest for $121! Originally $400 something. I love Coach RTW. Their accessories are whatever but their new designer is killing it!

Fat Face
NIX Blush
Coach Puffer Vest (similar)
Striped Turtleneck (similar)
Quay Sunglasses (similar)


Have you been following my eats? I’ve been on a diet since a week ago. Although I’ve been training since 2.5 weeks ago, I cheated the first week. It’s really hard to commit in the beginning, you know?

Now before I spill my meal plan that I paid $800 for (including the training), let me help you get some basics for your kitchen.

1. Egg Cooker. Any one of these in the link can do the job.

2. Almonds. The best thing to snack on in between meals. Quick, easy and filling.

3. Food Containers. You’ll need to pack and go because you need to shove your face every 2 hours!

4. All Natural Peanut Butter. Another item to snack on.

5. Measuring SpoonsMeasuring CupFood Scale. Measuring is key. You can’t have too little or too much.

7. Salad Spinner. A healthy meal isn’t healthful if a salad isn’t involved. I lost mine during my many moves but need to get this back in my kitchen ASAP. This is God’s gift to healthy eating.

8A. Polar Loop & HRM Monitor. This will help you keep track of your heart rate, calories and it can replace your watch. Yes, it’s not as fancy as your Rolex, Piaget, or IWC but it’s totally cool. I LOVE mine!

8B. McDavid Waist Trimmer. Everyone asks, “Do you have a bad back?” My answer: No, I just think I sweat more in the midsection when I wear it during workouts. It also helps me tighten my core. 🙂 It’s all mental but I can’t workout without it!

9A. MRM CLA 1250 High Potency. Suppose to help with lowering body fat. You can do your own research, but here is a link, I came across.

9B. NOW Foods L-Glutamine Pure Powder. Helps with recovery. Here is an article. Personally, I don’t like powder forms of anything so… I opted out.

10. QuestBars. Great snack, on the go. The bars and chips are great, if you must.

Now with just these tools, you can start to control your eating habits. As you all know, I have a hard time dismissing delicious foods. I know I take bites here and there of things I shouldn’t eat, but the (second) meal plan I was given by my trainer has really helped me push through the diet.

I won’t post it up here since it won’t be fair to my trainer, but if you’d like to see, feel free to email or comment below! 🙂

Happy dieting!

Fat vs Big

I have to be careful on how I use these words.

I need to stop saying I’m fat, because obviously I’m not.

I need to refer to myself being big. Big for my height and bone structure.

Fat is having too much flabby tissue; corpulent; obese. It’s unhealthy and unsafe.



Big is large, as in size, height, width, or amount. Big in reference to myself is bigger than what my norm should be.



I want to make an effort in the use of my vocabulary. Weight and size is a huge issue among females all ages and I believe it starts with media.

What media portrays to be beautiful and sexy is what we strive for and now all the role models are stick skinny.

My goal is to be fit, strong and healthy. Although I want a low number on my scale, I’d like to get there by working out and eating healthy.

Let’s all make a conscious effort to not to use the word fat unless we really look like the first picture I posted. 🙂


Even when you google, you can see the difference in the images between “fat women” and “big women.” Go and see!