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I’ve really started to get in the hang of things, well the getting up and driving to the gym at 5am part. Not the stamina part. I am exhausted on the stairmaster in the ams and it may be the fact that I am so tired. I need to start going to bed earlier.

Right now, I go to bed anywhere around 10:45pm-11:15pm. It’s too late. So technically, I’m getting about 5-5.5 hours of sleep. This is when I start to think that I wish we never got rid of that twin bed for Tyler. I would totally sleep in another room or have Bear sleep elsewhere. He deters me from living my fitness filled life. Though he agrees to turn the tv off in the evenings, he always has to have a sour face about it and then be on his phone, and that screen in a pitch dark room is annoying. He has and never will wake up with me in the ams, which I find annoying too. I get it. He’s not that type of person but only because he has class in the evenings until 9:40pm? Well, to me that lazy and I hope that changes once he’s done. There are a lot of things I’m waiting to see in him once he graduates… and trust me, he knows.

So until then, I will wake up alone in the dark always, and do my own thing, he needs to catch up.

#DOingJim @Equinox

Twice this week and I’m proud. I realized, coming in early will allow me to leave early but still not early enough to avoid traffic. What it actually does is, it makes me spend more money because I’m meeting friends for sips and eats. Not OKAY, especially since I’m on a goddamn budget. (BTW, I have totally been going over my budget, every month for the past 3 months. Basically the whole time I’ve been doing this budgeting thing.)

Anyway, I did my cardio, in my new #BeyondYoga pants and did some abs. I ALWAYS ALWAYS go into the steam room now. I just wish I was able to take my phone with me! 😛

Spacedye Circle Cut-Out Capri Legging (same pants, different color)







#DoingJim @Equinox

Two weeks ago, I went to the gym. All last week, I didn’t go. So far this week, I went Monday, not Tuesday (yet), but hopefully I will the rest of the week. My sleeping has been off, so IDK how I really feel about waking up at 4:30am. The hardest part about it is that I wake up when the sun is not up. I hate doing things while everyone else is sleeping. I get scared in the dark so I end up leaving the kitchen light on and my mom and Bear always ask why. I told them I was scared and they laughed.

#Yoga Necessity

I went to yoga for the first time in (I want to say) 8 years. We had just gotten back from a day trip to Santa Barbara and I had an extra pair of workout clothes in the trunk. I was going to avoid traffic and get in a second workout so it was a no brainer.

HC offered an extra yoga towel. I didn’t understand what she was talking about until I got to class. They have created a piece of cloth to go on top of the mat while you do yoga. Brilliant! Better than a towel (for material wise and consumerism, I guess)! I told my friends, the last time I did yoga was before they invented this towel and I was dead serious.

Now I have more things to buy. Yoga mat holder and yoga towels. Bear isn’t going to be too happy!

Gaiam On-The-Go Yoga Mat Carrier

Bikram Hot Yoga Towel Microfiber Non Slip Skidless Yoga Mat Towels

@Equinox #Doingjim

I needed a nap when I woke up and Bear had to drag me to do Jim but I’m so glad I went. I warmed up for five minutes and joined him to do weights… I’ve been overeating lately since I had planned to start a detox on Monday. Need to get back into #doingjim in the ams before work.

I love my @PolarGlobal Loop 2! #swarovski

Not only do I love things that are white, but also products that sparkle and efficient. This new Polar Loop vibrates when it needs me to take a walk, get a call, calendar invite, morning alarms and notifications. I would die without it!

Polar Loop Crystal Activity Tracker



#DoingJim @MansionFitness

 I woke up 109 so I had to go see my personal trainer. Even though I was so tired and I had to go to work after, I knew I couldn’t be lazy. I got an email about filling in at the sales office today because the girl scheduled got sick and I would have cancelled with Brent but I did that two weeks before and he would charge me a session if I didn’t cancel 24 hours in advance. 🙁

At least I made it in after!

Today was hard because Jo didn’t join me. Working out is always easier when a friend is with you, enduring all the pain as well.

Baldwin KC Hat
5SP Shirt
Lululemon Camo Pants
Nike (similar)





Shake it up! #MustHave @BlenderBottle @OldSchoolLabs

AM drink before I run off to do Jim. Used the #BlenderBottle to help shake things up!

I’m not used to taking supplements so I had no idea what to expect. Fortunately, I wasn’t disgusted about the taste and the amount needed to take. (Unless I measured the water wrong).

I will say this, I tooted all morning. I’m not sure if it was due to the L-Glutamine
, but after I got back from #DoingJim, I was tooting all over the place. All morning while I was home but thankfully, not when I got to the office. 😛

Is L-Glutamine
suppose to make you tooty?