@RubyStellaInc, Can’t Live Without

Life just isn’t complete without #RUBYSTELLA pieces.

This is my go to gift for my friends because I feel that every girl or gay boy should have one #staple from #RubyStella.

Their jewelry is timeless and aside from it being so fierce (insert other positive adjectives), it’s necessary to have and wear every day with your #ootd and #ootn.

What I love most about their simple floating heart and butterfly pieces are that they are reflective and it stands out so much in photos, snaps and in person.

This is the best first starter piece while you save your money for the rest of their stunning work of arts!



@RubyStellaINC #TheBestest


I can’t live without jewelry from #RubyStella and I need to make sure my friends don’t either. It’s the perfect gift for friends that don’t buy their own jewelry. Of course, I’m not at a point where I can spend so much, but the Floating Heart Bracelet is PERFECT!

Too bad some of my friends don’t enjoy these types of dainty jewelry. Half my friends LOVE #RUBYSTELLA and the other half, well I wouldn’t say they don’t love it, because they do. It’s just not their style.



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