THANK YOU @FuriousPete

I got a snapshot of Furious Pete’s snapchat where he shared with his viewers my user name and my face. 😛

I had an amazing time with Pete and his production crew eating a bunch of stuff in Koreatown. I had just landed from NY the night before and was exhausted from my trip but I couldn’t turn this opportunity down! 🙂

I am so grateful to have been a part of #KTOWN because it has opened doors for me in other places. First, with CitySearch and the Hungry In videos throughout Koreatown and now this. I’ve been wanting to revamp my online presence and I really didn’t know what to do until I got an email.

Again, THANK YOU PETE for the chance to be on your show and wishing you all the health and wealth you deserve!
Snapchat: furiouspete123

@HanJipBBQ Opening @ChefChrisOh @FrenchyFoody

By the time this posts, the establishment will have been open for half a month.

If you have not seen the #foodporn by Stephane and Chris, make sure you check out their social media accounts. (Linked to their name).

I came by to visit on my way home from a meeting in MDR one late afternoon and I caught them in the middle of having a photo shoot.

Luckily, my friends and I are having dinner here this coming Thursday 11/5, as you may be realizing, I am writing this way early and scheduling it for post way later.

If you haven’t been yet, please go… the food looks amazing and if you catch Chris at the spot, he’ll be sure to make you laugh. He’s the biggest goofball, EVER!