#MustHave @JoannaPark

I was making a return at #F21 and I had to get this for Jo.

First I saw donuts and I thought of her and then it just happened to be pink. When he removed what was siting on top I saw what it said, “Donut Care”, the perfect tote for Jo when she’s grocery shopping. 🙂

I got this in Irvine at the Spectrum and I don’t know why they would need these bags since it’s only LA where we have to bring out own grocery bags…

Either way, too cute for $2.90!

Donut Shopper Tote


DAILY F21 Finds

FOREVER 21 Ribbed High-Slit Midi Dress Burgundy Small

LOVE 21 High-Slit Cami Tunic Mustard Small

FOREVER 21 Grid Pattern Shift Dress Ivory/Black Small

FOREVER 21 Mesh-Paneled Capri Leggings Black Small

FOREVER 21 Mesh Paneled Capri Leggings Grey Small

LOVE 21 Belted Crepe Shirt Dress Ivory Small

FOREVER 21 Peter Pan Collar Bow Blouse Blush/Black Small

FOREVER 21 Longline Linen-Blend Tee Dark Grey Small

FOREVER 21 Low Impact – Mesh Paneled Sports Bra Charcoal/Black Small

FOREVER 21 Longline Button-Tab Shirt White Medium

FOREVER 21 High-Slit Marled Knit Top Grey/Black Large

LOVE 21 Striped Linen-Blend Blazer Stone Blue/Ivory Small

FOREVER 21 Curved-Hem T-Shirt Dress Cream Small

FOREVER 21 Mesh Overlay Sheath Dress Black/Black Small

FOREVER 21 Two-Pocket Striped Shirt Cream/Blue Medium

LOVE 21 Longline Self-Tie Neck Top Cream/Black Small

@Snoopy #Obsession

I’ve gone overboard. I purchased the F21 Peanuts Sweater on 7/13/14.

I wanted a second but it was sold out and they replenished on 7/25/14 so I bought another.

When I received the 2nd one, the quality and sizing was completely different.

Thank God I got a medium the second time around because the following cut was shorter and much smaller.

My plan was to wear it for a while, possibly through my future pregnancies so I wanted a bigger size.

Plus, I wash my clothes too often that it shrinks, A LOT.

The other day, I got an email from a reader (THANK YOU!) and she pointed out another Snoopy Sweater from Zara!

I like how the whole gang isn’t on the sweater and it’s just Snoopy and Woodstock.

BUT, the sweater is TOO long! It’s a sweater dress (and btw, that skirt they paired it with is hideous) and I’m a shorty.

Short people and long sweaters do not mesh well. Just like Korean men and me. 😛

I’m still debating if I want it. Well, of course I want it, but do I really need a third? Especially since it’s more than double the price and super long?

Decisions Decisions.



The model is very cute though. Japanese or Korean I’d say.