@FormulaDrift #Round7

I had the pleasure of assisting my oppa again for this event at Irwindale for Nexen Tire.

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2014 Season of #FD, I worked for Hankook Tires. This event, I was with Nexen. A season in between, it felt like I never left. I realized how much I enjoyed the lifestyle of being on the road and being around the automotive culture. Of course if I was traveling with Mercedes and F1 with Lewis Hamilton, it would be the most ideal situation, but I’m not. And I’m not a brat about it, I’m still grateful for the opportunity. 🙂

I am only able to join for the Long Beach (maybe Irwindale) event since it’s local. I can’t travel to the other cities due to my regular office hours. I did what I usually do at these events, take care of the VIP hospitality, the owners of the tire companies. Make sure they’re happy, escort them to the different activation tents, make sure they have a beer in their hands. This event was much more simpler due to me only being there on the day of the event. I arrived at 8:30am and hung around and said hello to old faces while I got accustomed to my new work environment. My day was pretty chill. Bear and Tyler joined later when it was Top 16. They had fun, I had a lot of fun and the rest of the night was even more fun. The boys went home first so I joined after I was off.

Packing, Again…

I found a piece of Las Vegas who traveled back home with me… 🙂

Packing for NY and I feel like I’m packing and unpacking every weekend.

This is by far the most I’ve traveled in a year. Although last year, I was traveling with Hankook Tires for #FormulaDrift but it was different. 🙂

I love traveling even though I hate unpacking.



Round 5

We didn’t have a delivered caterer so we had to load all (food for 115 people) and drive it in.




The weather was amazing! Cool breeze, overcast, not too sunny and dry.

I really fell in love with Washington.


TOP 16


It’s not a post without a #selfie!


This trip was by far the best trip out of the season.

Amazing rental home, great help and a successful event!

Day 1



Each speedway we go to, I get to experience a whole new experience.

I must say the layout of the paddock is super cool.

We’re all hovered over the track on an embankment, half circled around the drivers and their tents.

Unfortunately we were not able to set up both our awnings due to the ground being uneven and dirt.

Either way, we have the best setup as always!


Got stolen, so we took it back.

The rest drank too much. I had to finish work and by the time I was ready to drink, I ended up passing out in the office.

I did have some shots of Kettle but not enough to enjoy our victory!

Fredric will have to win the rest of the rounds so we can celebrate every last day of the event!

IMG_9062 IMG_9061

#FDNJ #HometownAdvantage

What a successful turnout! We actually ran out of food and everything else because our VIP Hospitality area was filled to the max!

Everyone loved EVERYTHING! The food was a hit, the custom printed water bottles were so #fancy & #bossy, the AC unit was appreciated by EVERYONE and the gift bags were all given out!

I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed everyone having fun!

IMG_9052 IMG_9035 IMG_9033 IMG_9031 IMG_9030 IMG_9029 IMG_9028

We had to run out quickly and ended up getting stuck behind the line up during practice. It’s as if we were one of the cars that were going out to practice! 😛

IMG_8947 IMG_8943


 At the end of the day, we won 1st & 2nd! The president of Hankook was at the event as well and he was ecstatic about the victory!

IMG_9083 IMG_9082 IMG_9080 IMG_9079 IMG_9078 IMG_9077

CONGRATULATIONS Fredric Aasbo for 1st!!!!


Congratulations Chris Forsberg for 2nd!


the other guy for 3rd!

#FDNJ #DownTime







Few times during the busy event, I’m able to take #selfies and actually watch the race/practice.

I enjoy those moments…

Honestly, I didn’t care much about drifting before I started working. I just loved racing cars and being behind the wheel on the track.

I’ve only gone three times but I enjoy the speed and adrenaline in a age compound. Well, safe as it can be.

I love cars and I love this industry/sport.

This trip was extremely fun.

More updates to come!

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