The Time IS NOW #Fur

I love fur and I can’t have enough. This coat is just like the white/gray one I have and the black one I just got. This is a slate gray and if I didn’t have so many already, I’d buy this one too.

If no one gets it in the next month and it’s still available, you bet I’m going to buy it.

That’s what happened with the black one. I sent it to all my friends to buy and no one did.

THEORY fox fur jacket “SEYMOUR” knitted BRAND NEW size S

s-l500 (1).jpg

@FlierFursInc #Furrier

I finally picked up my coat and it looks and feels like a brand new coat!

I don’t know why I thought it would be way more than what I spent and if I really think about the work they did…well, it’s so worth it.

 I bought my fur second hand (since I cannot afford it off the floor), and I felt that the previous owner did not take very good care of it.

It’s almost as good as new!

My review on Yelp:

Violet T.’s Yelp Review


Damaged Fur

As you can imagine, I was super sad when I got home to find my body oil knocked over onto my fox fur coat on the floor.

I had been in a rush in the am and didn’t realize I knocked over my Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Body Oil. My coat had been on the floor from the night before and of course it fell on top of it. My coat was ruined. I tried to use water and get it off but it got worse. The oil was really seeped in and it would not dry off. I googled for remedies and finally decided to just look for a furrier.

Flier Furs is what I came across and I dropped it off as soon as I could.

It’s actually ready now. I can’t wait to pick it up!