I have never been to the UK. One thing on my bucket list was to go to Monaco for the Grand Prix but scheduling and $$$ was a factor. As a substitue, we ended up getting tickets to the Grand Prix in Silverstone, UK. We used the Fourth of July holiday to take the vacation while I was working and Bear was transitioning from his old job to his new one.

We stayed in Shepard’s Bush and went to Paris for a day. It was an exciting time since the UK had made it to the top something for World Cup. We got to experience London and Paris during the last final games of the World Cup. The energy was UNREAL.

The best part of the trip was the F1 race of course. My future ex-husband Lewis Hamilton did not win the race in his home country but he made it to 2nd on the podium after a bump right after takeoff.

I can’t wait to go to all the F1 races in the future!!!

As for London, I’m okay with never coming back. It was just another version of New York with mediocre food.

#ChampagneTasting #Reims, France

The most amazing structures are in France and the emotions I felt are so unspeakable. I am so happy to have been a part of this trip and to see and understand a different culture unknown to me has opened my eyes! Every moment of the trip I wanted to experience something new, my mind was expanding and I realized how much I had been living in a bubble. There is nothing greater than traveling and exploring. Each second was memorable and everlasting.

@VeuveClicquot Champagne Tasting in Reims, France

My favorite part of the trip was of course the visit to Reims, France to have champagne tasting.

We visiting our favorite champagne houses, Veuve Clicquot and learned so much about the Veuve house and about champagne. This was by far the best experience I ever had, IN MY LIFE.

The Year in Champagne documentary I watched on the way to Paris definitely helped me understand the region before arriving.

I knew about the cellars underground that went on for miles and miles and how they produced the different kinds. I even found out that they have a champagne school which is for a year in Reims that I would love to attend before I turn 40!

The experience was unimaginable and the tour guide we had was amazing. At the end of our Veuve tour, we tasted the Yellow Label (which we always get) and the Grand Dame, I most likely prefer the Grand Dame over the Yellow. I can’t bare to think of drinking the Yellow Label anymore.

We visiting an amazing cathedral and another smaller champagne house during our trip. It took most of the day and we took a 40 minute train ride up north to visit Reims. The weather was still amazing and I will never forget this day.