@The_Cash_Cannon #HBD

I saw this and immediately thought of my friend who was in dire need of one. The best kind of gifts are the ones that don’t require much thought. I wanted to include dollar bills in their but I didn’t want to give an additional $150 along with the gift so I decided to make fake dollars with his face on it. It started off as a $1 bill but decided $100 would be funnier. πŸ˜›


Click here to watch the trial run

Thank You, BOSS @TiffanyandCo

I got a gift for getting my license in the mail. I am to sign many contracts with this gorgeous Tiffany pen starting NOW! I’m so excited about my future and the opportunities given to me.

Thank YOU HC for believing in my and helping me believe in myself. I strive to be as beautiful, kind, intelligent and successful as you!IMG_1062

IMG_1063 IMG_1064 IMG_1065

Early #XMAS Gift! @Snoopy

Making it a tradition to have a new ornament every year. Of course mine is Snoopy. I missed the memo last year, so now I have to think about what ornament I’m going to get him this year.

I have to think about this carefully… I have to think about what ornament I want on my future Christmas tree… πŸ˜›IMG_6518 IMG_6519

#MustDo #Steelers

It’s Bear Baby’s birthday this Friday and I had to order the birthday gift wrap to wrap at the office.

I decided to get him his favorite team’s wrapping paper!


Always be supportive of his favorite sports team! πŸ˜›

NFL Pittsburgh Steelers Team Gift Wrap





I got just what I wanted. I wanted to do nothing. I’m at home watching Netflix. Orange Is The New Black.

No plans, nothing. He got me three bottles but I don’t even want to drink.

Saturday I pick up Tyler at 8:30am and we have Cars 2 screening at the Petersen Car Museum at 7pm.

He goes to church with my mom on Sunday am so he spends the night usually.

My only wish was to not burden anyone of my birthday. I was just glad to have friends in my life. I know we all get crazy schedules and honestly I don’t like planning.

Just happy, happier than the days this week.

Happy birthday to me and my eyelash μ–Έλ‹ˆ, Yeana.

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