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I’m not one to be super festive… but I really wanted red nails. This time around I did all all over red glitter except for my index fingers. I added 3D gems to the solid red on the index…

I love the red!

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I hate that I have to go twice in one month. Why can’t I go once a month. This is really messing up my budget. It’s not like I do dishes so it gets ruined by the water. I’d really like to know how often other people go to get their nails done.

Being a girl sucks sometimes. Being a poor girl is worse I guess. πŸ˜›


@MarieNails @IloveKoreatown

That time of the month again, although I hate it when it ends up being twice a month. My budget doesn’t allow for that. I always go into wanting not to go glitter but when I get there, that’s all I want. There aren’t any other colors I imagine myself with. I used to do a solid color and the matching glitter. Now I do two glitter colors that compliment each other but not too matchy matchy. This time around I did a very beautiful lavender opaque and a silver glitter. My next appointment is on the 22nd, I already know what color I want to do! It’ll be a surprise!

Guess the Color #GelNails @MarieNails

I can’t stray away from glitter, no matter how much I want to. I want to try a nude color on my nails, I want to do the panda design again, but when I think about how non sparkly my nails will be, I get depressed. πŸ™

#HowToBeALady #GelManicure

Got my second manicure with gel and this time it was way more because I chose the glitter gradient design AND I did it near my work in Beverly Hills and not Koreatown.

Sitting in the quiet salon, I realized how important it is to have that time for myself, where I can relax, get pampered and collect my thoughts. Or not think at all. AND not be spoken to! HA!

I remember posting something about how much getting a mani and pedi is an inconvenience and how I don’t consider it a pampering moment. I retract my statement because I feel good walking out of the salon with pretty nails.

I feel like a lady, hard-working lady who enjoys looking polished.

No I know how people get addicted to #gelnails. There are an unlimited number of designs and I don’t think I can get through it all before I die! πŸ˜›

Either way, I won’t stop and I love my alone time. Especially when the salon is empty!

All jewelry minus Engagement RingΒ is from #RubyStella!